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I don’t know about you but cartoons were a massive part of my childhood. My personal favourite happened to be The Rugrats (I used to watch it all day) so when I saw that cartoon bags are now available, I jumped at the chance to have one. Ariana Grande hopped on the cartoon trend by customizing her Chanel bag with cartoon characters of the past, and now you too can own a bag that looks like it’s come straight out of one of those 1990’s shows courtesy of eBuyer’s Gadget and Geek section!


The 2D Cartoon Bags are based on Japanese Anime art. It’s a unique and quirky concept which takes us all back to the 1990’s whilst keeping that twist of modernity. The bright colours add vibrancy, whereas the style of the bags offer a more practical side. The 2D shape is a mind boggling notion as it looks like someone has just drawn a bag into the picture. You can however fit all of your daily essentials in, from purses, to PC tablets to make up! It’s like magic!

Due to the bag’s many colours, I chose to keep my styling simple. By wearing an orange top I was able to reflect the fun colours of the bag whilst the denim shorts and white sandals helped to tone everything down. I added a bright necklace and cat eye sunglasses to complete the look and keep it seeming young and fresh. The bag in itself screams excitement and that’s how you should feel when you wear it. Excited!


The fashion industry is taking inspiration from everything now, from Moschino and their McDonalds collection to the Chanel supermarket so there’s no reason that cartoons can’t make their appearance on the catwalks. You can be the first to spark the trend by purchasing your own 2D Cartoon Bag from Ebuyer.com for just £12.99!


Outfit Details

Top: Warehouse

Shorts: Topshop

Shoes: New Look

Bag: Ebuyer

Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

Necklace: Topshop

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