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So this is the final in my tailor the trend series. Next up are you rectangular ladies! Now all this means is that you have a straight shoulder line and ribcage, straight hips and bottom, very little waist definition and an average sized tummy. Now something to bear in mind is weight loss or gain. If you have had a change in weight then one of three things could have changed which has altered your body shape.

You could lean towards a pear shape if your hips are slightly broader than your hips

You could lean towards an inverted triangle shape if your shoulders are slightly broader than your hips

You could lean towards a column if you have a small bust and are petite in your shape and scale

But besides all of that, here are some things you could aim to do if you are of a rectangular shape. The most important thing is to create the illusion of a waist to add shape to your body. You also want to keep your silhouette as uncluttered as possible. Also, as always there are some things you could try avoiding such as;

Noticeable details at the waist such as belted jackets and high waisted trousers. Buy clothes that are fitted to create an allusion of a waist to avoid this.

Straight lines from top to bottom also make you lack shape in your body so avoid straight jackets worn with straight trousers, pin stripes and even pencil skirts.

Square toe shoes. Don’t add to the shape you already are.

Boxy jackets or coats especially ones that are double breasted and have box pleats. These can all be ill fitting and keep your shape.

So now, here are some tips on how to dress for you shape in the most effective way possible to create the illusion of a fuller silhouette.

Jackets and Coats: Keep them structured and shaped with round necklines or lapels. For coats, keep the straight lines but add some emphasis on the waist and empire line to add definition and make use of your assets.

The neckline and sleeves: Opt for lower and wider necklines such as a boat neckline or perhaps embellished with jewels. For sleeves, keep them loose fitted. You could try puffed, cap sleeves, flared, cuffed or even rolled up sleeves as they will all work for you. .

Tops and Shirts: As for tops, keep them simple and with clean style lines. Add roundness to your necklines or sleeves. Avoid tops that drape under your bust and give the illusion of movement because this splits at your waist and you want to add one.

Dresses: Why not branch out and try the infamous Kaftan with splits at waist or you could try the simple shift dress. Keep the lines straight and simple and you again can always add definition at the empire line.

Skirts, Trousers and Jeans: For skirts, crossover ones or ones with a flip or perhaps panelled or even a lined. There is much more flexibility here with your choice. Trousers should preferably be low-waisted and flow into your leg line e.g. boot cut, flare or wide leg ones. Finally, choose trousers with hip, thigh or leg details such as pockets, pleats or turn-ups to create those gentle curves we desire. Also, details on your bum e.g. back pockets, embellishments work well.

Shoes and Bags Choose round or oval toe shoes instead of square ones such as ballerina flats, Ugg boots or even Mary janes. For bags, go for straighter styles e.g. rectangular shapes in bags or clutch bags.

And again, three more outfit ideas to see the tips for rectangular shaped bodies put to work

Outfit 1

H&M Jersey Top

Jersey Top
H&M – £7.99

H&M Straight Regular Jeans

Straight Regular Jeans
H&M – £29.99

H&M Sneakers

H&M – £12.99

Outfit 2

New Look Jersey Shift Dress

Jersey Shift Dress
New Look – £12

H&M Loafers

H&M – £9.99

H&M Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag
H&M – £12.99

Outfit 3

Topshop Waterfall Jacket

Waterfall Jacket
Topshop – £70

H&M Jersey Top

Jersey Top
H&M – £7.99

H&M Wraparound Skirt

Wraparound Skirt
H&M – £24.99

H&M Loafers

H&M – £9.99

So that is pretty much it guys. I’ve done the top four most popular body shapes.

But I had so much fun with this series and I hope you all learn to love and accept the body shape you are. It’s not a bad thing to be a certain shape because we are all different and we should embrace those differences. These tips are just to help for example if you want to be more tactical about shopping or how to style basic pieces for your shape. Always remember, the aim of choosing the right clothes is to balance your silhouette. You may not be able to follow all the fashion trends that are out there, but nowadays there are so many trends in fashion that there is something available for every body shape. So, don’t get sidetracked by falling in love with a style and look that doesn’t compliment your body shape.

See you next month with another post! Bye for now!

Amira x

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