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As part of my Tailor the trend segment, last week I gave you style tips for pear shaped bodies. So up next are you Apple shaped ladies. All this means is that you are fuller around the middle. If you gain weight, it shows up around their belly and upper body. They’re usually larger-breasted and their upper arms and shoulders are broader, too. Your legs tend to be thinner and butts tend to be flatter. This might be really harsh sounding but don’t ever put yourself down about things like this. It doesn’t mean you can’t look good too. That’s why I am here to help you out.  As an apple, you want to emphasize your bust and legs while camouflaging your midsection. This ensures that your body is in balance. Follow your bodyline and avoid details around bust, tummy and hips. Keep detail in top and lower thirds.

So again here are three outfit ideas tailored to the up and coming spring/summer trends  and some last minute tips again to perhaps bear in mind when your are tailoring the trend.

Look 1

Black Boyfriend Coat - New Look

Black Boyfriend Coat
New Look – £21.00

V-Neck Top - H&M

V-Neck Top
H&M – £6.99

Tall Brush Gingham Aline Skirt - Topshop

Tall Brush Gingham Aline Skirt
Topshop – £36.00

Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots - New Look

Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots
New Look – £29.99

Look 2

Fine-Knit Cardigan - H&M

Fine-Knit Cardigan
H&M – £9.99

White Embellished Neck V Back Top - New Look

White Embellished Neck V Back Top
New Look – £22.99

32in Black Turn Up Mom Jeans

32in Black Turn Up Mom Jeans
New Look – £22.99

Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots - New Look

Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots
New Look – £29.99

Look 3

Fine-Knit Cardigan - H&M

Fine-Knit Cardigan
H&M – £9.99

Drop Waist Dress - Oasis

Drop Waist Dress
Oasis – £30.00

Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots - New Look

Black Chunky Platform Chelsea Boots
New Look – £29.99

Apple Shape Style Tips

You can wear patterns

Just a few guidelines though. Don’t wear a large pattern on top. Wear a small, subtle pattern on top, or save the patterns for the bottom.

Don’t be afraid to draw attention to your chest

If you have a fuller chest area (and are comfortable accentuating this), draw attention to it. Doing so keeps straying eyes from your midsection. Why not try a V-neck. It is a must have item in most peoples wardrobe.

If you have great legs, short skirts are in order

A-line skirts also work with your figure. Since they flare out from the waist, A-line skirts offer balance and proportion to your upper half. Topshop gingham A-line skirt is definitely the way to go. Show off your legs and accentuate that waist.

No butt? Wear pants with back pockets

Your jeans should have a rise lower than your natural and a wider waist. Avoid pleated fronts and look out for jeans with back pockets to balance out your body. And in terms of exercise, you could always try doing squats. Mom jeans are the newest style of jeans so why not give those a try. Not as tight as skinny jeans, not as plain as straight cut jeans but not as baggy as boyfriend jeans. It is the perfect medium and with pockets.

Go for longer jackets

Your jackets should be on the long side, never ending at waist level. Make sure they come down to your hips to create a long, lean line right over your waist and tummy area. And opt for single- breasted jackets that you can keep unbuttoned. I opted for a longer jacket that went past the hips so It didn’t draw attention to where you carry your weight.

Opt for drop waists

A dress or top with a drop waist (that narrows down at the point of your hips instead of your true waist) makes you appear longer and leaner overall. Again, opting for the monochromatic look, I went for a drop waist dress to elongate the body and disguise where you carry most of your weight. In all of the looks.


Avoid petite shoes, kitten heels, boots with buckles and especially Ugg boots. For all of the looks, I kept the shoes simple to a chunky heeled Chelsea boot to add height and to elongate the legs.


This can look very good for creating a clean sleek look. For outfit number one, I went for the all
over monochromatic to keep it sleek and chic.

So I hope you guys found this helpful and I will see you guys next month with a new post! Bye for now.


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