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Following on from my previous post about finding your personal style, I have put together a simple 16 piece starter wardrobe selection for those wanting to go back to basics. I know there is a lack of colour, but I think the best three colours to start with are black, white and grey because they go with everything. (With one blue item thrown in because it’s a classic)


Miss Selfridge Floral Printed Jacket

Floral Printed Jacket
Miss Selfridge – £49

Miss Selfridge Floral Print Shorts

Floral Print Shorts
Miss Selfridge – £35

Miss Selfridge Co Ord

This is a nice bit of colour in the wardrobe and means you can wear the jack with the shorts or a different skirt, trousers etc and can be dressed up or down.


Topshop Tweedy Cardigan

Tweedy Cardigan
Topshop – £42

H&M Blazer

Single-Breasted Jacket
H&M – £24.99

Topshop Biker Jacket

Biker Jacket
Topshop – £48

Topshop Denim Jacket

Western Denim Jacket
Topshop – £65

Topshop Knit Cardigan

those lounge around days or for running errands. It is a great staple to just throw over anything.

H&M Blazer

everyone should own one of these because it’s such a simple thing and can add edge to an outfit or make it look more formal

Topshop Leather Jacket

This will always be an investment piece and is something that looks great with some jeans, a flannel and some converses

Topshop Denim Jacket

the classic denim blue is a must in the wardrobe. Don’t be put off by the fact that it is blue because it goes with a lot more than you think. But of course opt for black etc if that is what you feel most comfortable in

Dresses and Skirts

Topshop Sports Mini Dress

Sports Mini Dress
Topshop – £24

Topshop Tube Skirt

Bodycon Tube Skirt
Topshop – £20

Topshop LBD

everyone and I mean everyone should had a little black dress that flatters their figure and fits them to a T. Can be dressed up with heels and a clutch or dressed down with a jumper over the top and some converses.

Topshop Skirt

this is a very flattering style of skirt on nearly all body types and again can be dressed up with a blazer and heels or dressed down with converses and a graphic t shirt


Topshop Check Shirt

Oversized Check Shirt
Topshop – £30

Topshop Washed Tee

Washed Tee
Topshop – £12

H&M Slogan Tee

Slogan T-Shirt
H&M – £7.99

Topshop Shirt

an oversized check shirt is great no matter what season. Tie around the waist for an effortless chilled outlook or wear unbuttoned with some jeans and ankle boots for a day out with friends

Topshop Black T-Shirt

everyone should have this in a variety of colours but most importantly black, white and grey. You could also invest in strap tops of the same colour

H&M Slogan Tee

you can’t really go wrong with a simple graphic/slogan tee. Great for a day out or paring with jeans, trainers and an oversized cardigan or check shirt


Topshop Satin Trousers

Satin Trousers
Topshop – £45

Topshop Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans
Topshop – £40

Topshop Trousers

For those formal occasions when you just want to play it simple. Some sleek black trousers will be flattering on any body shape.

Topshop Jeans

simple, low rise, perfect. Great for all occasions and of a good quality

Footwear and Accessories

Newlook Court Shoes

Suedette Heels
New Look – £19.99

H&M Sneakers

H&M – £12.99

H&M Shoulder Bag

Shoulder Bag
H&M – £12

New Look Heels

a pair of black heels is what every girl should have. Simple and sleek.

H&M Shoulder Bag

Good for everyday use and big enough to carry A5 documents and practical for travelling.

H&M Sneakers

You can’t really go wrong with some comfy sneakers/converses and definitely worth the money for those more casual and on the go days.

I hope you found this useful. See you next month with another post! Bye for now

Amira x

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