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There are 2 ways you can shop on a student budget. You can either buy budget items or get higher value items at a great price. Here are 5 ways you can scope out the best deals.

Student Lock-In


This concept is phenomenal. In short hundreds of students infiltrate a shopping centre after closing hours and get exclusive student only discounts and deals, as well as giveaways and competitions. The official lock-ins are run by the marketing company, Total Students, in Bournemouth, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield. However, if you’re not in or near one of those cities some shopping centres run their own student events such as the Bullring in Birmingham.

Vouchers, Coupons and Group Discounts

If you’re shopping online, the best thing you can do before checking out is a quick google search of the shop you’re on, plus either the term ‘voucher code’ or ‘coupon code’. You may not always find a code for the site you’re shopping on but it’s always worth the look. You can also work in reverse and visit voucher sites such as Voucher Cloud or group buying sites such as Groupon and see what fashion deals they have on offer.

Shop Twice a Year

There are typically 2 times in the year where absolutely everywhere will have sales guaranteed. Firstly the post christmas sales. These sales serve two purposes: one, to get rid of the excess christmas stock and two to shift autumn/winter fashion in preparation for the incoming spring/summer stock. Likewise late summer sales are designed to shift left over spring/summer stock.

Look out for Clearance Sales


One of the unfortunate things about the economical downturn is the amount of businesses that have been failing. Fashion retail is no exception to this with several major casualties going into administration and some have failing to make it out. With closing stores and excess stock to shift rapidly, you’ll probably see the largest discounts in these sales.

Just go to Primarni or TK Maxx

If all else fails or you just don’t have the patience to wait or look for sales then Primark is perpetually dirt cheap. If you aren’t digging the items they have on offer, you can always select simple items that compliment other items in your wardrobe. For example guys, you can get a £3 plain white v-neck t-shirt and a £3 pair of pumps that will look the part when worn with a more expensive and fashionable pair of jeans. As for Tk Maxx you really need to have the patience to sieve through what the store has to offer but you may find the occasional reasonably priced designer gem. Next Clearance is also another place worth looking at.

So there you have it, shop prudently, save money and make sure you don’t burn through to your overdraft limit or blow your entire student loan at once! How do you go about finding stylish fashion at student budget prices?

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