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What was the one thing I learnt from Company Magazine’s BSTHS catwalk show? Do not underestimate shops like Marks and Spencer and Next. Yes it sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking, ‘I do not want to look like my mother,’ but I kid you not, they have some super stylish items in this season. So with that said, lets move on to talk about the whole show.

After being seated at our table, Row and myself practically drooled at the gorgeous nibbles in front of us and shared our excitement for the show to start. We were greeted by a beautiful performance from Nina Nesbitt and then bang. The show commenced.

Eight of the blogging industries best were chosen and given a high street store to style looks from their winter 2014 collection. Patricia Bright kicked off the show with her styling from Oasis. Proving that florals don’t just have to be for summer, she offered us alternatives to the bright summer patterns. A sleek checked two piece is what really caught my eye, along with a fabulous fur collar not to be missed!


IMG_5791 IMG_5807

Next to take center stage was Amy from The Little Magpie who styled Warehouse. We were presented with tres chic looks which gave me ‘winter in the city’ kind of vibes. My personal favourite (which I now actually own) was a little black leather look pinafore. It’s versatility means you can put any top underneath it creating a completely different style each time you wear it. Turtle necks also proved to be a must have along with winter hats to accessorize.

IMG_5841 IMG_5847 IMG_5856

Anyone who has read my previous posts will know that I’m a huge fan of Next. It’s not just for your mum! If you ever get sick of seeing Topshop everywhere Next is the place to go. Ella from Coco’s Tea Party proved this perfectly. All the models were the image of sophistication, giving us an idea of how to dress to impress this season. Taking on a Gossip Girl theme, black ensembles seemed to storm down the catwalk showing a dark and mysterious side to the collection. We were also greeted with winter woolies and a wonderful duck egg blue jacket, perfect for those cold, snowy days.

IMG_5892 IMG_5915 IMG_5911

Next up was Emma from EJStyle for M&S. Now we know M&S are all about the sparkle at this time of year and Emma didn’t disappoint with showing us how it’s done. By pairing shiny cigarette trousers with a casual jumper she proved that shine and sparkle doesn’t just have to be saved for the evenings. I fell in love with a leopard print coat (because who doesn’t love a bit of leopard print right)?  So Santa, heads up, I need that in my life. She also presented some winter capes teamed with jeans. Simple yet effective.

IMG_5920 IMG_5922 IMG_5928

Yumi is a brand that I used to love back in the days when I wanted to be just like Diana Vickers, so I was shocked to see just how fashionable they still are. Styled by Doina from The Golden Diamonds, this collection oozed fun. Brightly coloured jumpers bounced down the catwalk and cool metallics offered us a look better suited for those dark evenings out. Animals were also a staple in this collection with wolves, cats and owls making their way onto the garments.

IMG_5962 IMG_5966 IMG_5980

Megan from Pages by Megan offered us some dazzling options from Asos. She started her segment pairing pastels with bold Khaki jackets creating a very strong yet feminine look. She then moved on to offer us a darker side to the Asos collection with a model walking in a black two piece with jeweled spots covering it’s entirety. The collection was finished off perfectly adding a touch of glitter, reminding us that the festive season is not that far away.

IMG_5985 IMG_5997 IMG_6018

River Island was next, styled by Kavita from She Wears Fashion. Mixing edgy with elegance, we were shown just how crisp white outfits and black mesh will be taking over our night time wardrobes. For the day time, a leather midi skirt paired with a graphic tee caught my eye, showing that fashion doesn’t have to be serious all the time. It is possible to clash sophistication with sass.


IMG_6031 IMG_6059

Last but not least was Primark. Often known for it’s affordable fashion, Hannah from Hannah Louise F shows us that it can be cheap and still look expensive. An ombre style fur coat grabbed my attention, looking perfectly cosy for winter walks along the canal (I’m from West Yorkshire so walks along canals are essential in winter)! And the fur coats just kept on coming with a stunning maroon coloured coat also making it’s way onto my wishlist. Also in the collection was a casual polka dot two piece, great for those chilled out shopping trips.

IMG_6073 IMG_6090 IMG_6098

And that’s all from the catwalk report! I hope you feel as inspired as I did and I hope your letters to Santa are growing longer by the minute! Thank you so much to STDNT Fashion for the opportunity to go to such an incredible event! Head over to Row’s article to find out what we got up to in terms of beauty treatments whilst we weren’t watching the show!

Natalie x

All photos taken by Row.

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