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Starting university is full of new experiences and definitely a lot of changes. While some of you will be worrying about your timetable, who you will be living with in your student halls and how on earth you’re going to cook all your meals on your own, the fashion conscious among us will be asking themselves what on earth am I going to where to my first lecture?!

Many of us will be eager to impress with your back to uni outfits. From those brand new trainers you bought that your secretly hoping no one else is wearing, or with the matching stationary set to help you colour co-ordinate all the notes you will writing this year but it is still really important to stick to your own sense of style and what you like to wear. Wearing what you feel comfortable is really important as you are probably going to be feeling pretty anxious anyway and turning up in a pair of heels is only going to make you feel even more apprehensive. Plus having your own individual style may connect you with others who are interested in similar trends.

We all like to make an effort and it’s likely that you will be turning up to a 9.15am lecture with beautifully curled hair, your favourite lip gloss on and a pretty dress but after a few weeks you will be dragging your hung over self to your 9.15am lecture wearing leggings and a hoodie to disguise the fact your have had about 4 hours sleep the night before. You have to face the facts that you are not going to look perfect all the time and university is not about that. It’s about being comfortable and combining that with your own style. For example I’m a big fan of dresses with trainers, it’s a relaxed look with a twist and combines girly and sporty trends.

When you start university the summer will be coming to an end so it will be time to prepare your autumn/winter wardrobe. A leather jacket is always good to have as it looks great with most outfits along with a parka coat which is ideal when walking to early or late night lectures. Boyfriend style coats are also a stylish alternative this year. I often find that it is easier to plan an outfit around a coat rather than thinking about a coat last. What bag you’re going to be using to carry all that stationary is worth a thought with backpacks being on trend this year as well as leather tote bags. Wearing flats is probably best due to the fact you are going to be doing a lot of walking when you get lost (which is likely) and you’ll find a lot of students wearing trainers, whether it’s converse or Nike.

Back to Uni Outfit Ideas


back to uni outfits

Jacket – Topshop

Dress – River Island 

Bag – New Look 

Shoes – Primark 


back to uni outfit ideas

Denim jacket – The Vintage Scene (ASOS Marketplace)

Jumper and shirt – Topshop

Jeans – Primark

Bag – Topshop

Converse – Schuh

Overall University should be a fun experience so it’s often a time when people experiment with what they wear. Don’t be afraid to try something new as long as you feel comfortable and confident and you will probably find yourself liking new trends and styles. My top tip for campus fashion is to keep it simple and you won’t go wrong, save your best outfits for your fresher’s night out! What will you be wearing when you return back to uni?

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