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Hello all! This is officially our first post on Student Fashion and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Today we are going to talk about some of our favourite winter trends of the past season.

From trench coats to high-knee leather boots, people around the world have worn it all this past winter, starting with…

Black Boots


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These are perfect for this time of year when it’s freezing or pouring down with rain and you want something that’ll keep your feet warm but still look fashion forward at the same time. They’re perfect for whenever for example, you can wear them during the day in a leather material or suede boots can be worn at night to add more of a classy vibe to your outfit. Having said all that they also come in different materials and personally my fave is suede; I just love the way it looks and the feel to it is nice. Not only this but hey, if you’re not a fan of heels then get ones without the heel but if you are they also come in massive heels so in a way, there’s something for everyone. And of course since it’s black it practically goes with everythinggg!!

Waterfall Coats


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I believe these types of coats only came into trend these past few months (or maybe it’s been longer) but boy have they taken the world by storm! Everybody loves them except for a few who have said they may resemble bathroom robes but in my opinion, I completely disagree. I think they’re very elegant and classy; they are so different from usual coats which is what I think makes them so fun and interesting to wear. Waterfall coats come in all colours like cream, black, green, etc… but I’ve got to say that I love grey the most! So many people love wearing them because you can put your own twist on them. Like you could wear a cream one with an all black outfit or a grey one with a white top and ripped jeans.

Blanket Wraps


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I’m not entirely sure that this is the actual name for these but I’m definitely sure that they have been a massive trend for the past 6 months or so. They are basically what they say in the name; a big blanket but made into a type of cardigan by adding a few stitches to make sleeve holes. When wearing one of these it feels as if you’re hugging a very warm blanket and I mean…who wouldn’t want that?! I see them as being perfect for these freezing months when you want something that’s going to keep you snug throughout the day but you still want to look very trendy and have space to actually breathe without being zipped up in a coat all day. I think they’re really versatile which just makes them awesome!

Over-sized Jumpers


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These are super comfy, they look great and they keep you super warm! It’s practically a win-win situation, am I right? I think they look super cute with possibly a top-knot, the over-sized jumper and some black skinny jeans which would obviously be very comfy and snug for this time of the year. And believe it or not, they come in all different colours. What a surprise right?..not 🙂  Some of my personal faves would be like a dark green shade or maybe a cream colour as I think those colours are nice for this season.



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Everybody needs these in their lives so if you haven’t got some, GET SOME! They’re prefect for wearing really casually with some jeans and a white top or add some killer heels and a plain dress or top and you can be rocking the whole edgy kind-of-look. These have obviously been around for a very long time but I feel like only recently have more people actually started wearing them and it’s great. They come in all different colours; from reds to blues to grey, even to purples and that’s what’s so good. Flannels are so practical for when you want to look nice but you’re not wanting to put too much effort into the look just in case you look too overdone which is what makes them so perfect because that can’t happen with these.

If we missed out on any of your personal fave winter trends, why not tell us about it in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

Hanna XD & Shirog <3

Featured image: Carlos Andres Reyes

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