• Vintage Shopping; a Perfect Alternative for Thrifty Students

    As a student I’ve realised its hard to save money, and when you’re truly a fashionista it’s hard to fulfil your shopping needs on a student budget. In recent years I’ve learnt Vintage shopping is one the most effective and cheapest ways to look good. I’m going to admit it’s one of those things you’re […]
  • 5 Budget Shopping Tips To Help You Save When Buying Outfits

    Money is and will always be one of the major student life problems. Like everyone else you want to do your fair bit of shopping but you also feel guilty for going over budget. Tricky situation to be in…I know! Well, as someone who enjoys the recreational activity of shopping telling myself ‘I will not […]
  • Best Online Retailers For Buying Outfits On A Student Budget

    Ever feel like your student loan just isn’t going to go far enough to buy all the clothes you want? Yep, me too, sigh… It can also be very difficult when some of our favourite high street such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Zara refuse to lower their prices just to cater for your small budget – […]
  • 5 Ways to Shop for Stylish Fashion at Student Budget Prices

    There are 2 ways you can shop on a student budget. You can either buy budget items or get higher value items at a great price. Here are 5 ways you can scope out the best deals. Student Lock-In This concept is phenomenal. In short hundreds of students infiltrate a shopping centre after closing hours and […]
  • 16 Must Have Staples for a Versatile Wardrobe

    Following on from my previous post about finding your personal style, I have put together a simple 16 piece starter wardrobe selection for those wanting to go back to basics. I know there is a lack of colour, but I think the best three colours to start with are black, white and grey because they […]
  • The Best Festive Knits for Christmas Jumper Day

    Christmas jumper day is here so that means that it is time for you to get out your Christmas jumpers.  It’s for a good cause to raise money for Save the Children. You can visit their site to donate. Christmas knits in different colours and designs come around every year and are a must-have for the […]
  • Back To School Outfit Ideas

    I think the majority of people have had round about 3 weeks of school now and if you are in sixth form/college like me, you will know of the privilege that is wearing your own clothes to school – something American children are not at all deprived of! Well let me tell you something, after […]
  • Autumn Scarves

    The colder weather is fast approaching and I am beyond excited! It’s the time of year where cosy nights in with a hot drink just appeal to me. But the one thing I love the most about the cooler weather is the winter accessories. In this post I’ve explored the best deals on the dreamiest […]
  • 5 Fashion Essentials You Need for Back To Uni Season

    Freshers is just around the corner and as stylish individuals, that is call for some seasonal updates. With 9am starts and lots of late nights it’s very easy to fall into the sartorial black hole of hoodies, leggings and trainers but don’t worry, help is at hand. You only need five items to keep you on […]