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As a student I’ve realised its hard to save money, and when you’re truly a fashionista it’s hard to fulfil your shopping needs on a student budget. In recent years I’ve learnt Vintage shopping is one the most effective and cheapest ways to look good. I’m going to admit it’s one of those things you’re either going to really love or loathe, for me it’s hard to utter those words. How anyone couldn’t enjoy the exhilarating feeling of a bargain and a colourful piece that I can guarantee no one will have, astounds me. Never the less.. I thought I would share some tips on this alternative way of shopping.

First thing don’t panic!

A lot of these shops are going to look like a jumble sale! However if you bear with, you might find a gem. Unless it’s a vintage boutique not a shop it might not always look so aesthetically pleasing. All are different! Once you’ve calmed down those nerves of ‘heck it’s colourful’ or ‘it looks like a dumping ground of clothes’. You can move on and find your pieces.

Get there early: avoid weekends

Try and avoid weekends if you can, it will be the busiest time and lot of good stock will already be gone. If you try looking in the morning probably mid week you will find the most designer and good quality stock that has just come in. Tuesday is the day most stock flows in about mid day so getting there early the next day might keep you in good stead.

Sizing isn’t the same

Sizes have changed in the last 50 so years,in fact it changes regularly. Don’t trust it! Try it on or if it looks smaller or bigger but says you’re size it probably isn’t. I am a UK Size 8 but can vary from a vintage size 6 up to a 12. I’ve found 1950s dresses are a lot more roomy at the bust but the waist is ridiculously small, whilst 1960s/1970s clothes are fine in my normal size. Trust me, ignore the label.

Designer is in regularly.

A lot of designer brands can be found in vintage shops usually at less than half the price. I’ve found these items are not always displayed at the front as staff usually hide them a little wanting to bag them for themselves. If you route a little behind the rail or in between you will find more of the brands, usually at amazing prices.


The high street brings it back regularly. 2015 saw the 70’s style float back into our laps! Of course I was one to step onto the bandwagon but could rest assure my 70’s retro look was authentic! Retro pieces of clothing can start at just £3 and with that price its hard to say no.

SO next time you’re out and about on the high street, give your local vintage shop a look around. You will save yourself a lot of money and look good doing it!

Currently a student come fashion blogger from Lancashire UK. Lover of fashion, film and video games.
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