• Vintage Shopping; a Perfect Alternative for Thrifty Students

    As a student I’ve realised its hard to save money, and when you’re truly a fashionista it’s hard to fulfil your shopping needs on a student budget. In recent years I’ve learnt Vintage shopping is one the most effective and cheapest ways to look good. I’m going to admit it’s one of those things you’re […]

    Urban Preppy Outfit with Nicole

    What makes fashion special is it’s an opportunity to express oneself to the world. Fashion is an opportunity to express your personality without saying a word. I love Nicole’s individuality; she isn’t afraid to be herself. In this look she combines preppy elements, such as the glasses, socks and shoes with an urban vibe i.e. […]
  • Gangster Chic Outfit with Pegleess

    Fashion isn’t just about recreating a look from tumblr or imitating runway models – it’s all about confidence and trusting your own style. You are the star and the world is your catwalk – werk it and own it! This look was inspired by Beyonce’s look in the promo video for her “On the Run” […]