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Hey Yo! It’s Row Bow!

I had the most exciting opportunity to attend the tremendously trendy #CompanyBSHS. Obviously, this stands for Company (the magazine, which has transferred to become totally online based) Bloggers Style the High Street. As a blogger on STDNT Fashion and my own personal blog, I was in an ideal world full of WiFi and winter fashion! Since going to any sort of event is no fun on your own, I went along with Natalie who has written about the inspirational catwalk show, which was the main part of the evening. I’m here to divulge all the details about the party side of the night.


The night’s happenings were held at Tobacco Dock, East London. From the outside it appeared quite hidden away and didn’t give much away. But as soon as we’d arrived at the banner-adorned entrance, it was clear to see why Company had chosen this location. Illuminated with pretty purple lighting, grand stairs led us down into a vast, stone pillared, crypt-like space that hosted the most opulent atmosphere. (It actually reminded me of the scene in Monsters University where they take part in the Toxicity Challenge!)





After adorning our wrists with an electric pink wristband, we made our way into the party. It was a tough choice to choose where to start, was it to the bar for a drink or to the beauty treatments to get all dolled up? We did what fashion bloggers know best and stopped to have our photo taken by the #CompanyBSHS sign. If there’s no photo of you next to the sign, it didn’t happen! Making our way though into the treatment room, we were greeted by bright pink lights and hoards of Company-lovers who were looking to be primped and preened too. A great variety of stands were hosted including an Impulse photo booth, a brow bar and a nail station. However, Natalie and I decided to hop into the first queue we saw since there wasn’t anything we didn’t want to try. Upon arriving at a table covered in metallic prints and patterns, we discovered we were about to be decorated by some very on-trend metallic temporary tattoos by Seekers of the Sun. They are super pretty because they come in a collection of dainty and delicate designs so when they shimmer in the light they look very elegant with no risk of becoming garish. Natalie went for a creative, intricately designed, golden V-shape tattoo on her wrist. I decided on a selection of subtle, shimmery silver dots down my middle finger finished off with droplet shaped anchor. These sparkly temporary tattoos last for about 3 days. Pretty impressive, so you can keep the party memories on-going even when the party isn’t!




After the intense fashion show, read Natalie’s post to find out all about that, we raced back downstairs as fast as a child who’d heard the twinkles of an Ice Cream Van. Like Magpies we were attracted to the Glitter Lips station from the moment we set eyes on it. With six sparkling colours in pink and red tones it was difficult to chose. The lovely ladies applied a balmy gloss onto our lips for the glitter to adhere to. Magically, it didn’t smell or feel gluey at all. Then with a sponge applicator dazzling, warm glitter hues were applied on top. They felt a little peculiar at first. It’s not everyday you have Glitter Lips! But soon enough, it was obvious this is what had been missing from my life. Walking through the stations and sitting on the tube, I’m pretty sure there were some jealous gazes.




Goody Bag

Just as we were about to head on back to the station to conclude our enchanting evening, there was one last thing to do. What blogger party is complete without a goody bag? Definitely not this one! Have a look at what we received:

CompanyBloggersStyleHighStreet GoodyBag

Forgive me, for it would appear that I have eaten a couple for the goodies (Delicious midnight treats in the library night before a deadline!). But I did save the Schweppes Elderflower tonic water. I had a cocktail with this in during the night, so it would have been nice to try the citrus one instead. Make-up wise we were totally spoiled! Naturally, Company included their own mascara, which I have used before. It builds up volume and length really nicely. Personally, I have sensitive eyes and this mascara did set off the streaming, itchy eyes. But for the first week it was great! A slightly shimmery Sleek Makeup Lip Gloss was also included in the colour Forbidden City. Ohhh how dramatic! Just like the nature of the deep red colour. I certainly lucked out in terms of SKiN ART treats. Nail tattoos, Temporary Tattoos AND Glitter Tattoos were all tucked away in the bag. I might have a go at recreating my Seekers of the Sun temporary tattoo with the Glitter set! I’m not sure how much I’ll use it, but a Models Own bright green My Midori hair chalk was included. I’ve tried chalking my hair with real chalk before, however, I’m sure the real stuff will give better results.

The rest of the bag was in the same vein with toothpaste, salt spray, body lotions, a razor, heat patches (an obvious choice for a bloggers goodie bag, don’t you think?), a good bit of fake tan and the most delicious smelling Impulse body spray. In the scent Rock & Love, I believe it is part of their new collection. The Amber & Orange Blossom smells super succulent with the orange hints really coming through. Since Next was one of the high street fashion retailers the Company bloggers styled, they even threw in a pair of star print tights. How kind of them!

The Company Bloggers Style the Highstreet evening was one of the best Thursday night’s I’ve had in a very long time. If you ever get the chance to go along to a similar event I would 100% recommend it. It’s also a great was to meet fellow bloggers, as some brave going on their own. The fashion show was really captivating, with so many inspiring looks parading down the catwalk. The beauty treatments were an added bonus that made us feel as special as the models!


Thank You STDNT Fashion!

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