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There is something about clothing your feet and legs in leather that gives you a certain poise (think Beyoncé or Cat Woman) if not making your legs a whole lot warmer. They speak of a sense of control – one that’s particularly ironic following my student endeavours over the Christmas Holiday. Boots are made for walking, particularly in winter, when you’re feeling your worst and shopping for hangover cures. And those favourite boots of yours, the ones you’ve spent all winter wearing, have been walked through sludge, mud and wet leafy walkways to campus, all this time defeating the frost and cold.

So it’s about time we gave our Beautiful Winter Boots a well-deserved rest, which is lucky because it’s getting to March now…and I’m contemplating spring. There’s that final acceptance of the New Year’s resolution (I’m starting/stopping/giving up TOMORROW I SWEAR)…The little bit of scenery outside your halls bedroom window blooming into colour…and of course, the beautiful transition from boots after boots, to shoes that are pastel-coloured and pretty. There’s something remarkably refreshing about spring. It’s a fresh start! And I intend to start growing my shoe collection, as the world outside revives itself with me.

Now that I’ve finished my exams, and “on the shop” again, I can tell you that I have found shoes which will leave your toes tingling with excitement…

These beautiful floral court shoes from ASOS are perfectly feminine and practical. With a petite heel of 4 inches and a dainty supportive strap, a night out at the SU will never be restricted to hobbling about and gripping bar stools. But I am head over heels for the prettiness of these shoes and the way that they’ll match with so many dresses! They’re blooming with colour and sporting a Chelsea flower garden full of pinks – brilliant. I’d love to accessorise them with gold jewellery and (not forgetting) a number of cocktails the next time I hit the town during this spring season.

While we’re doting on delicate footwear, these shoes from Newlook are absolutely adorable in cream crochet. Yet the cork soles and chunky heels give a wonderful contrast and nice bit of support for the daintiest feet (because who needs to be any tipsier?). Thanks to the pretty partnering of cork and lacy straps, these wedges are properly versatile, be it a house party, bar-crawl or even Uni’s Easter Ball.

If floral patterns and cute crochet is not your style, these chic heels from Miss Selfridge may be a particularly sophisticated step in your direction. Pastel colours are a massive, staple trend for the spring season – and not to be restricted to lipstick – which means that these are perfect for a new spring shoe collection! But also, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t enamoured by their coral pink colours and sparkly details…The elegant, gleaming heels and matching champagne-coloured toe are a wonderful addition to these girly sling backs. Such fabulous footwear would be my top choice (!) to accompany glitzy glad-rags and a good night out.

A first year English student at the University of Leicester, with loves of shopping, writing, painting, drawing and coffee shops :)
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