Style Interview with Singer/Songwriter Hazel Mak

    We met up with Malawian singer/songwriter Hazel Mak to talk all things fashion. Check the full interview in the video above and outfit details follow below. The thing I love about Hazel Mak is she’s never afraid to make a statement, whether that is with her hair or outfits, there is always something that will […]
  • 16 Must Have Staples for a Versatile Wardrobe

    Following on from my previous post about finding your personal style, I have put together a simple 16 piece starter wardrobe selection for those wanting to go back to basics. I know there is a lack of colour, but I think the best three colours to start with are black, white and grey because they […]
  • Thigh’s the Limit: A Guide To This Season’s Must Have Shoes

    Hey Yo, It’s Row Bow! Swing open your wardrobe doors, we’ve made it to the season for winter apparel. It’s easy to switch the sundress for a snugdress and the bare legs for bulky trackies. But what can be a little trickier is: whatever do you swap the sandals for? Trainers are an obvious choice […]
  • Add a Tropical Touch to your Outfit with Palm Tree Pattern Prints

    Prints are everywhere this season. From tasteful two pieces to patterned pants, our bodies are being dressed in the most colourful fabrics possible. But the perfect print for summer has to be the palm tree print. It’s all over the high street and online at the moment and I’ve pick out my three favourite items […]
  • Return of the Jumpsuit: 6 Must Have All in Ones

    When jumpsuits and playsuits first returned from their 1970’s cave, I think a fair few people were in fact umming and arghing over such a comeback. The reappearance does, however, appear to be gaining more and more popularity as we witness the most glamorous celebrities exchanging their elegantly stunning gowns for dashingly sophisticated jumpsuits. And […]
  • 20 Spring Essentials £20 and Under!!

    So spring is finally here and it’s that time of the year to give your wardrobe a makeover and shake-up! However, being a student and living on a budget it’s not always economical to give your wardrobe a complete makeover and that’s why I’ve tailor made this post for anyone out there that wants to […]
  • Spring Hats Have Sprung!

    The awkward season is upon us, spring. You can’t wear a winter coat because it’s too warm, but it’s too cold for a blazer or denim jacket. Is it sunny and hot enough for sun glasses or do you just look like your trying too hard? And when do you ditch the tights?! One spring […]
  • Heels to Help You Start March with a Spring in your Step

    There is something about clothing your feet and legs in leather that gives you a certain poise (think Beyoncé or Cat Woman) if not making your legs a whole lot warmer. They speak of a sense of control – one that’s particularly ironic following my student endeavours over the Christmas Holiday. Boots are made for […]
  • The Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfits For Any Date

    It’s that time of year when every shop window is full of love heart balloons, chocolates and giant teddy bears. Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping Valentines day. I have been planning my perfect Valentines outfit for weeks now, so thought it would only be right to share with you a guide of […]