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It’s that time of year when every shop window is full of love heart balloons, chocolates and giant teddy bears. Love it or hate it, there’s no escaping Valentines day.

I have been planning my perfect Valentines outfit for weeks now, so thought it would only be right to share with you a guide of perfect date night outfits ready for the big day!

Whether you are in a relationship, preparing for a romantic meal, or going it alone this year and need an outfit for a valentines night out, I have thought out an outfit for every occasion so you can avoid the stress of it all!

Romantic Meal

Firstly the classic Valentine’s meal. Everywhere does Valentine’s set menus now which gives you the perfect excuse to dress up a little bit.

This outfit is classy and fashionable making it a go to outfit for a dinner date. If you’re not feeling the freezing February winds this outfit still looks fabulous with some black tights, and will keep you a lot warmer!

The classic ‘little black dress’ is always a hit for valentines day, team it with your coloured spring blazer to liven things up. This LBD (Topshop £65) is part of the made in Britain range promoting the clothing industry in England, although pricey it is for a good cause, however they have this style in most shops on the high street (I spotted one in New look at £9.99).

If you’re a keen fashion bunny the chances are you will already have a coloured blazer somewhere in your wardrobe (if not this one is Newlook £24.99)  any colour will work with this outfit, and if not it’s a perfect excuse to purchase a new one!

These boots are my absolute favourite (Miss Selfridge £49) and I own the pair they had in last season, for some they might be a little high for a romantic meal, but I love any excuse for a pair of heels!

Cinema Date

If you are trying to keep things simple and less expensive this year your answer is probably a cinema date. However, it is still Valentine’s Day so you still want to look good, even if you are going to be sat in the dark for two hours!

You might think this is a little dressy to be sat in for two hours in pitch black, but if you’re in a new relationship or just going on a date this Valentine’s Day, you still want to look good for that special someone.

I have fallen completely in love with this Miss Selfridge dress at £42, so will be cutting down on the take away coffee in order for this to make it into my wardrobe. Team it with thick black tights to keep warm and some little black boots with a heel for a perfect ‘I didn’t even try’ outfit.

Most of us will own a pair of black heeled boots (pictured River Island £50) and a black blazer (pictured NewLook £24.99) meaning this could be a money saving outfit! If the weather is too cold for you to handle simply swap the blazer for your big winter coat.

Surprise Date

If you’re lucky enough to be going on a surprise date that could sound many sirens in terms of what to wear. With no idea what you are going to be doing how do you possible decide on an outfit?

Here it is what I think is a perfect ‘surprise date’ outfit, with no idea what is in store for you, I feel like a dress or skirt is too risky. Imagine if you had the perfect Valentine’s dress on and it’s a river cruise, you will spend the whole evening trying to pin your dress down and keep your dignity.

This is where disco pants come in. You either love them or hate them (can be swapped for leather pants). Personally I love them, they’re as comfy as leggins but look so much more dressy. You can get yourself a great pair at the majority of high street shops. Above are the American Apparel ones priced at £74, being students the high street bargains are probably the better option!

NewLook have a great selection of V neck long line Camis (pictured above) at just £9.99 and in a huge range of different colours. I love this powder pink one to tuck into disco pants and the colour keeps it romantic.

To wear heels or not to wear heels, that is the question. A very tricky one at that, the answer would sensibly be a no incase you end up on a romantic walk or rock climbing! But if you hate being without a little height these TopShop shoes (£28) could be your answer a little heel but still basically a flat, like this overall outfit making you prepared for what ever may be around the corner.

No attachment?

Many of us get a little sad at this time with no other half to buy us chocolates or bears holding love hearts. Why not see it as an opportunity to have a singles night out, especially with Valentine’s falling on a Friday this year! Just because all of your taken friends will be out with their other halves, it doesn’t mean you should be sat in. Here is an outfit ideal for a night out, keeping with the romantic theme that is Valentine’s Day.

You may be dreading Valentine’s, but why not treat yourself to this fabulous outfit. Even if you’re taken, this outfit is so romantic why not purchase it anyway! A high waisted midi skirt with a twist, a little slit up the side making it a little less formal and more night out. At only £14.00 from Miss Selfridge it is hard to say no to.

You can find embellished  little tops every where at the moment so why not go for something a little different this TopShop cropped peplum ( £18 ) is exactly what you need. To top it off these strappy Newlook shoes ( £24.99 ) add a little sparkle to this romantic outfit.

I hope this has helped in a mission for the perfect valentines outfit! Come Valentines day I know I will be heading out in the romantic meal outfit!

Amelia x

Featured image from Emiliano De Laurentiis

I am currently a Fashion Promotion and communication student, Love to shop, read and drink far to much coffee!
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