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When shopping for summer clothes the last thing you would expect to see is at how back from the 90’s in the form of jelly shoes. I am not sure about you but I never expected to be wanting a pair of shoes at the age of 21 that my mother has pictures of me in at age 4.

As childish as they may seem there is somthing very lovable about them making everyone want pair, coming in all colours and with a heel or flat there’s nothing not to love about them!

I have picked three of my favourite pairs off of the high street, which I think will be fashionable all summer long.

This first pair may be a little a little bright and outrageous but I can not help but love them. I think the colour makes them all the more interesting and individual.

These lime green ones are from Topshop and £26 which I can’t help but think is a little pricey for a 90s throw back, but if you love them that much they are worth it!


If you like to be a little more subtle about your style then maybe a black pair are a little more your thing. These are not as summery as the lime ones but are sure to go with any outfit, and at £14.99 from New Look a bargin price (don’t forget your student discount!)


It is no secret to anyone that I love all thinks pink and glittery, that look straight off of a Barbie. So it would only be right that these pink glitter River island pair are my absolute favourite. At £18 they are not that badly priced either making them the perfect summer foot wear. And being a neutral pink they will go with every outfit!

Love or hate them, 90’s shoe are definitely making a come back!


I am currently a Fashion Promotion and communication student, Love to shop, read and drink far to much coffee!
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