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The awkward season is upon us, spring. You can’t wear a winter coat because it’s too warm, but it’s too cold for a blazer or denim jacket. Is it sunny and hot enough for sun glasses or do you just look like your trying too hard? And when do you ditch the tights?!

One spring trend that I LOVE is a floppy hat. It might be a little over the top for some but I think a floppy hat is the way forward this spring.

I sometimes feel a little Made in Chelsea, but no ones judging and they instantly turn a warm winter outfit into a spring outfit.

I have looked high and low for my favourites to share, and it was constant battle trying not to buy one.

Firstly this adorable Miss Selfridge floppy hat has got to be top of my wish list. The pastel pink colour is perfect for all the pastel colours hitting the high street at the moment. With the pastel trend set to be staying till the summer months this floppy hat could see you through to next winter. The pearl and diamanté embellishment makes it extra feminine and adds sparkle to any outfit. Considering it will last you through the summer it’s £30 price tag doesn’t seem to much of a stretch if you think about all the wear it will get of course!

If you’re not a girly girl and just can not see the fascination with all the pastels, then a plain black hat may be more up your street. It will still turn a winter outfit into more of a spring look just without the pink and pearls! This black hat is from Urban Outfitters and £26. Unlike the Miss Selfridge hat this is a simple black hat perfect for every season and trend, and therefore making it more of an ‘investment piece’ if you are trying to justify the money.

A favourite shop of mine for plain and simple items is American Apparel, I know they tend to be a lot more expensive compared with high street shops. However I tend to find that if buying disco pants or a hat for example I would rather spend the extra money as I know they are going to last a long time. This particular hat comes in at least 8 different colours that I have seen (they are always adding new ones). This post box red is my absolute favourite out of them all, and if your feeling that it is a little plain you should consider tieing ribbon or lace around the centre for a whole new hat look! You can even vary the colour and pattern of ribbon meaning you have more than one hat with this one purchase! At £39 it seems very expensive being a student, but you can feel better knowing it will last longer.

If you want to stay on trend with a hat this spring but the end of term is a becoming a struggle, don’t forget many shops such as a Urban Outfitters and Miss Selfridge offer student discount with valid ID, making your purchase a little bit cheaper!

Happy hat shopping.

Amelia X

Featured image from Earl McGehee

I am currently a Fashion Promotion and communication student, Love to shop, read and drink far to much coffee!
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