• Spring 2016 Inspired Look

    Hello! Welcome to my first post, I’ve decided to show you an SS16 inspired look by bringing together some cheaper high street brands, influenced by the major trends and designers this year. It’s still quite cold at the moment but I’m already anticipating the milder spring weather. Skirt Zara The catwalk for spring 2016 has […]
  • On Trend: Mirrored Sunglasses

    When you think ‘Autumn/Winter’ you don’t often think ‘sunglasses’, do you? Well, that’s about to change. A new sunglasses trend has come about for the up-coming seasons and it’s guaranteed to suit you no matter your face shape! With styles from Cat-eye to Aviator, pink to green, you’re bound to find a pair for you… […]
  • Last Salutes To Summer: Cat Eye Sunglasses

    Summer may almost be over but that is absolutely no excuse to put the shades away.  Cat eye sunglasses are quite trendy right now and they are cool, retro and chic, so here is a selection of the best cat eye sunglasses available at the moment. Which pair of cat-eye sunglasses will you wear?
  • Festival Fashion: Top 5 Must Haves

    Gone are the days when parkers and wellies were the definition of festival fashion. Why? Because Coachella happens. And our ever growing social networking community – twitter, blogger, instagram – ensures that A-list celebrities at that Californian dream away have more of an impact on the globally noted festival fashion than a saner (not so […]
  • Spring Hats Have Sprung!

    The awkward season is upon us, spring. You can’t wear a winter coat because it’s too warm, but it’s too cold for a blazer or denim jacket. Is it sunny and hot enough for sun glasses or do you just look like your trying too hard? And when do you ditch the tights?! One spring […]
  • What’s With All These Tiny Handbags?

    A woman will never be without her handbag, the contents of which are wondrous to many. Celebrities are always snapped with a giant handbag, believing that the bigger your handbag the smaller you look, which is true, but has the oversized handbag seen it’s last day? Filtering into every woman’s wardrobe are tiny handbags which […]
  • Floral Flavour For Festivals

    When you think festivals you usually think of a happy, lively and fun event, which centres on the celebration of good music in a communal way. In this way, why not absorb this optimistic energy by making yourself feel good through what you wear? After obtaining tickets, what to wear becomes the fore frontal question. […]
  • Review: Fiorelli Talullah Slim Portfolio Bag From Bagable

    Bagable kindly sent me their Fiorelli Talullah Slim Portfolio Bag describing it as “a great option for career girls who want to stand out at work.” As a busy on the go student, I am always in need of a handbag that can meet the criteria of offering sturdiness whilst simultaneously being chic in appearance. […]
  • Hit by a Blue Wave

    Primary colours have been battling it out against one another to discover which shade can achieve maximum impact in the world of fashion this Spring/Summer. Using one colour in numerous shades is a style that can create a polished contemporary look. The runways of Spring 2013 have been bombed with a burst of blue dominating […]