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A woman will never be without her handbag, the contents of which are wondrous to many. Celebrities are always snapped with a giant handbag, believing that the bigger your handbag the smaller you look, which is true, but has the oversized handbag seen it’s last day?

Filtering into every woman’s wardrobe are tiny handbags which are not even large enough to hold a purse. My purse is the size of a clutch bag, so naturally I need a big bag…don’t I?

What do women carry in these tiny purse bags? Surely assuming the majority of people have a smart phone, you’d be able to fit one in along with a credit card and lip balm, if you’re lucky. So what’s the fascination and who is using these miniscule, unpractical bags?

This tiny handbag from Topshop is stunning but I still can not get over the fact that it’s so small, and surely unpractical?!

There must be something I am missing as even Mulberry have these doll like bags on sale so they must be practical to someone, but I just don’t see it.

For a simple hour at university my handbag gets weighed down with a pencil case, water colour palette, sketch books, a diary and my iPad to blog on the go! That’s not even mentioning everyday items such as a purse and a phone.

I love the idea but a purse bag just isn’t for me, maybe for a night out but there is no way this would work for me and day to day activities!

I much prefer an oversized bag, one of my favourites being this Topshop tote in green.

A very unique colour but I love it, it is perfect to brighten up a dark winters day. It will also look great in the spring making it a multi seasonal bag!

At £36 it’s average Topshop price, but don’t forget your student discount!

I would love to hear what everyone else thinks, maybe I’m just an over packer!

Featured image from Fervent Adepte de la Mode

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