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Being a tall lady myself (5ft11”) I know how difficult it can be finding clothes that fit correctly, flattering a taller physique and overall make us feel great. It’s an unfortunate fact that the majority of clothes available on the high-street are aimed at shorter women but if your height surpasses 5’7” it is hard to try and get away with pieces that don’t appear to be a desperate attempt to fit into a younger siblings clothes.

There are a number of do’s and don’ts that I feel us taller girls should follow and be aware of in-order to avoid looking as if we’ve sipped Alice’s magic poison and grown out of our clothes.

What to avoid

Cropped items

One of the biggest fashion mistakes a tall girl can make is wearing specific cropped items. Don’t get me wrong, not all cropped items are bad but there are a few we should really try our hardest to avoid, these include: cropped jacket- The awkward thing about cropped jackets is the place in which they cut, cropped jackets tend to cut at the smallest part of the waist which isn’t too much of a problem for shorter people but when you are tall it emphasises the remaining length of your body making you look longer whilst giving of the impression that the jacket is just too small.

Mini skirts and dresses

One of the issues I have with the high-street is the length of some of their pieces, mostly their skirts and dresses. It always nice to wear cute little summery dresses but this is always made harder when they barely reach the bottom of your bum. Being taller means that pretty much everyone will be looking up to you and the last thing you want is them accidently getting a face-full of knickers. Not only is it awkward it’s uncomfortable and can really make you feel uneasy when you find yourself constantly trying to pull your frock down. Try and explore the tall section of stores for longer and more flattering alternatives.

Fitted jumpsuits

This is a difficult one but sometimes jumpsuits (especially fitted) aren’t the way to go. If you are somebody who isn’t yet 100% secure with their height I suggest avoiding jumpsuits on a night out. The thing about jumpsuits is that their design creates an elongating effect which not everyone is comfortable with. When a jumpsuit is skin-tight or extremely fitted it tends to emphasise your height even more which can trick people into making you look taller than you are (not that this is a bad thing). Another awkward thing about the high-street is the leg-to-torso ration on their jumpsuits; I doubt I am the only one who has walking into a store, seen a gorgeous jumpsuit, ran it to the changing room and sighed with disappointment at the annoying rouching around the crotch and the ankle cuffs that linger halfway up the calf. I am not fully against jumpsuits but opt for a looser fitting style with draping across the body and freer fitting legs that are slightly tapered.

Baggy clothes

Avoid baggy clothes at all costs. They will make you look like a giant and do absolutely nothing for any body shape apart from make you look incredibly misshapen.

What to go for

Cigarette trousers

Draped Silk Blouse
Harrods – £200

Sharkskin Cigarette Trousers
Topshop – £40

Pointed Ballet Flats
ASOS – £22

Snake Print Clutch
Zara £25.99

Tiger Drops Earrings
LBD – £35.00

I love seeing fellow tall ladies in Cigarette trousers because I feel as though they are an amazing way to flatter those beautifully long legs whilst keeping it stylish. The tapering of cigarette trousers make it a serious spring essential. The versatility allows you to play around with them and create a number of different looks included a smart, androgynous look and a fun, flirty, Parisian style springtime look.

Oversized accessories

Oversized Clutch Bag
ASOS – £31.50

Envelope Clutch Bag
ASOS – £15.99

Yellow Gateway Bracelet
River Island – £15

Diamante & Cord Necklace
Zara – £19.99

Having fun with oversized accessories is something I enjoy doing. Giant clutch bags and heavily detailed statement necklaces are the way to go, you can work these pieces without looking as though you are playing dress-up in your mother’s wardrobe. Large accessories make everything look in proportion and adds that needed drama to an outfit.

Bright colours and patterns

Orange Print Blazer
River Island – £48

Soft V-Neck Cami
Topshop – £18.00

Green Skinny Trousers
River Island – £30

Fate Sandal
Nasty Gal – £40.79

Leather Clutch Bag
ASOS – £32

BE bright and BE bold. Being tall is not a reason to hide away in the background; even if you constantly dress in all black you will be noticed and people will still come up to you and ask you if you play basketball so why not embrace it. Work with what you’ve got and own it, you’re not going to miraculously wake up one day four inches shorter so don’t live a life that possess no colour or vibrancy. Play with a mix and match of patterns and colours; think of your body as a lovely long canvas that you have the ability to decorate with such an amazing fusion of beautiful designs.


Mojo Buckle
Office – £66

Office – £65

Je T’aime
Office – £48

Judgement Day
Office – £60

This has to be the most controversial topic when it comes to dressing for Tall women. Many people say that it is wrong for tall women to wear heels but I am absolute against this notion. Heels weren’t designed for short people to see over things but to sculpt and beautifully elongate a woman’s physique. Not every tall women is comfortable wearing heels and for a long time I know I was not, but slowly I’m getting into it, loving how elegant I look and feeling absolutely relieved that I don’t always have to find a flat substitute for a night out.

If you are not used to wearing heels it does take some time to get used to how to walk in them and how tall you are in them, but once you are comfortable you’ll never go back; just remember to start off small and work your way up. A lot of the insecurity behind a tall woman wearing heels tend to stem from what other people may think, including a fear of being taller than all the boys; the opinions of others should never discourage you or make you feel as though you don’t deserve the same opportunities as everyone else.

Boys also should never be the main focus of a woman’s life and limiting ourselves to try and attract one is the wrong thing to do, there are loads of men that are completely obsessed with tall women and you in are pair of cute heels won’t be the factor that turns them off. Confident women who aren’t afraid to have fun and enjoy themselves are the ones that are commonly approached and hiding yourself away does much more harm than good. Most of the people that may say things are strangers that you probably will never come across again and their comments shouldn’t be ones that you allow to pollute you positivity.

Being proud of who you are is something that I constantly preach and hope influences those of you out there that suffer from any form of insecurities whether they are height related or not.

Featured image: Agata Ryszkowska

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