• Recreating 90s Fashion for 90s Babies

    Each fashion era has it’s distinctive piece of clothing. The mini skirt in the 60s, the bondage pants in the 70s, however the 90s seems to be slightly nondescript. Other than underwear as outerwear, I struggle to think of looks that define the 90s. Maybe that’s why I like it so much. It was sort […]
  • Dressing for Tall Girls: Do’s and Don’ts

    Being a tall lady myself (5ft11”) I know how difficult it can be finding clothes that fit correctly, flattering a taller physique and overall make us feel great. It’s an unfortunate fact that the majority of clothes available on the high-street are aimed at shorter women but if your height surpasses 5’7” it is hard […]
  • So Fetch; Mean Girls Inspired Jewellery Line

    Retro revival is still big, with each new season bringing back classic trends and adorable updates. The nineties are really having it large lately which makes the timing for this announcement too perfect. Stella & Bow are bringing out a cute boutique jewellery line inspired by the iconic and fabulous film that defined our generation; […]