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If there is one thing that Chanel isn’t, it’s conformative. Karl Lagerfeld always manages to spiral their fashion shows in an opposing direction, allowing a vastly appreciated breath of fresh air (or Chanel no.5) from the previous show. So it comes as no surprise that Lagerfeld spun up another beautiful storm last week as Chanel met supermarket sweep.

The delicate Grand Palais was transformed into the heights of consumer culture, guests seated amongst the charcuterie stand or condiment isles as models streamed through the supermarché. Of course, the extreme assortment of food goods would not be complete without the iconic interlocking C’s, non? Alas everything from Coco cooking oil to tweed lemon cognac was emblazoned with the royal Chanel markings – an explanation for why, following the show, members of the audience rushed with such urgency to pinch a can of Chanel canned tomatoes or two to smuggle in their classic 2.55 bags.

Lagerfeld did not disappoint with the garments either. Think American mom meets her 80s teenage self- rainbow tweed, iridescent leggings, headscarfs and excessive jewellery. The models carried latticed chain accessories in their arms, under which lay the classic 2.55 handbag – strikingly mirroring the look of shopping baskets, though it’s unconfirmed how the handbags would hold up when carrying your weekly purchases.

Prints were here, there and everywhere. A sea of beautifully clashing, abstract statements which put even the array of neon alcohols,that Cara D so proudly posed with après the show, to shame.

In terms of footwear, it was all about the trainers. Wave goodbye to your pair of faithful Reeboks, next season Karl thinks it’s a two way street – you either venture knee-high and lace up or strut with a Crayola explosion on both feet.

A particular mood that (literally) tickled my fancy was the bubblegum pink hue.  Brightening up fluffy bolero jackets, numerous knitwear varieties and the mesh dresses featuring bouquets of rose decoupage – unleash your inner Lady Penelope.

Lagerfeld appears to have directed Chanel to a whole new territory. He incorporated youthful fun into the iconic styles left behind by Coco Chanel herself, a move branded as controversial by some. In the heights of todays consumer culture and the craze of branding, it appears le Maison de Chanel has succumbed to the commercialism era. Yet in the nature of Karl and his creative direction, there is a layer or two of underlying irony – an irony of which I’m sure Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel herself, with her individualistic manner opposed to the typical WW1 womanswear of her time, would be fascinated with. AW14, prepare for the rise of the fille de Chanel.

Feeling inspired by the collection but not by the extortionate price tags? The high street offers some similar alternatives to keep up with the trends.

Fringe Scallop Jacket
Topshop – £70

Take inspiration from the rainbow tweed showcased at Chanel, for a night on the town or a day outing, with TopShop’s classic jacket.

Saucony Grid 9000 Pink/Blue Trainers
ASOS – £80

Trainers are’t just for sport, Invest in some ASOS multicolour sneakers for effortless everyday style.

Motel Begonia Dress In Fluffy Knit
ASOS – £33.50

Unleash your inner sugar plum fairy with Motel’s similar take on pink and fluffy.

What do you think of Chanel’s trip to the supermarket?

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