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Bagable kindly sent me their Fiorelli Talullah Slim Portfolio Bag describing it as “a great option for career girls who want to stand out at work.” As a busy on the go student, I am always in need of a handbag that can meet the criteria of offering sturdiness whilst simultaneously being chic in appearance.


Its taupe coloured exterior is ideal for when you end up with loads of work and books to carry as the last thing you want to worry about is whether your handbag matches what you are wearing. In this way, the creamy neutral tone can work to soften your look. What’s more, you can opt to use the bag as a statement piece alone due to its spacious size.


On the topic of space, the padding of the portfolio bag smartly protects a laptop along with providing plenty of room for my assignments. The way the interior is divided into three compartments is incredibly handy as it helps maintain organisation with my paperwork.


Mixing the creative with the productive, the fashionable with the functional, Fiorelli have done a great job crafting a trendy arm accessory. With its easy-to-hold handles, I can choose to adjust the straps for when I contain heavier content or detach them when I’m carrying lightly. To this end, I am offered numerous approaches for it to be worn with ease.


Batwing Blouse: Miss Selfridge | Skater Skirt: H&M | Loafers: River Island | Fiorelli Handbag: Bagable

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Available at www.bagable.co.uk with a retail price of £48.30, this handbag is definitely a fashion forward professional accessory. When it comes to accessories, I always think you should go big or go back to your closet. One amazing piece makes your outfit pop and this generous sized bag does exactly that!

With many thanks to Bagable Ltd, I look forward to travelling to and from university with it!

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