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Some people say Brad Pitt is God’s gift to women. I would have to disagree on that one, I reckon he gave us the maxi dress.

Ever since the maxi dress became big a few years ago I have enjoyed dressing for the summer. A maxi dress is my go to for every day summer wear, particularly in this ridiculous heatwave we’ve been having recently in Britain. Not only are our long floaty friends cooling and summery, they’re also versatile, capable of hiding a multiple of sins and also extremely comfortable. With a variety of patterns, fabrics and styles available, I refuse to believe there isn’t the perfect maxi dress out there for everyone, whether you’re tall, short, fat or thin. Everybody loves a good maxi!

I personally have a strong dislike for my legs, therefore when the hot weather comes around and jeans become all too much for me to bare, out comes my vast collection of maxi dresses. I reckon I have one in every colour, every style and every strap combination possible. You’ve got your casual racer black maxi, your strapless chiffon, your spaghetti strap florals. I have them all. I’m personally a fan of jersey material maxis, they tend to flatter my curvier figure more. And by flatter, I mean they make my bum and boobs look boom whilst hiding my legs. I simply pair it with either a light blouse, denim shirt or a cardigan to hide my hideous bingo wings and I’m good to go!

Whilst I’m not a huge fan of this seasons habit of putting a rather large and revealing slit down the side of every single maxi dress, I have found a few which I have loved dearly and worn to death over the last couple of months, as well as pulling last years (and the year before) dresses out. I have a complete collection. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourites this season from the high street in the hopes some of you may fall wildly in love with our long and billowing friends as much as I have. Oh maxi, how I salute thee!


I absolutely adore this chiffon maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins, I think it is the perfect evening dress for either dressing up or down. Paired with a lovely white cardigan, nude heels and some form of swish sparkly clutch bag this dress would make anyone look incredible. Similarly, this dress could look beautiful and not too over the top for a day time look with the right tan sandals and denim jacket. Plus it’s on sale at the moment for little over £30, so you can’t really go wrong.


This dress from New Look is a lot more casual than the previous dress, making it much more suitable for day time. New Look bring out multiple maxi dresses in the same bandeau style with the matching tan belt regularly, and I myself bought 2 last year. They’re affordable and good quality. Personally I am not a huge fan of the ‘puffy’ bandeau top due to my large cleavage, I don’t feel it is the most flattering of styles, however I love the overall look of the dress and therefore like to pair these dresses with a denim shirt or blazer, for some reason I feel having a collar or lapels creates a better silhouette with the top half of the dress then wearing a cardigan in that they flatter my shoulders and torso more. Ditsy print maxi’s are one of my favourites as they look so summery and stylish. I’m all over those florals baby.


Lastly is my go to every day style, a simple black maxi dress also from New Look. I have multiple black maxi’s in jersey fabric because, as previously stated, I believe they’re the most flattering for my shape. Plus black doesn’t show any lumps or bumps, so are more forgiving despite their clingy material. My favourite way to wear a black maxi is with a skinny tan belt, a denim shirt and flip flops. Very casual and also very comfortable. Plus these styles also tend to be very affordable, I have bought several over the last few years all of which have come under £20. They’re great for the beach and holidays too to pop on over your bikini, or in my case severe control swim suit, whatever floats your boat!

I think that concludes my summer fashion post! I’ve really enjoyed preaching my love for maxi dresses. I am embarking on a 7 hour coach journey tomorrow, and I have my Tesco jersey black maxi at the ready. Comfort all the way!

What is your go to summer style?

Image Source: Love Maegan

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