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It’s exam time. The stress is high but the energy is low. During this time of all-nighters getting up in the morning and getting yourself to look fabulous can be quite a task; at times a task which is harder than the actual exam. However, I feel that in times like these an outfit can lift your spirits, boost your confidence and actually make you feel better. If only there was a quick and easy way of doing this!

What if I said there is?

An outfit can be completely effortless, you just have to pick the right things out of your wardrobe. I’ve made two fashion edits of different outfits that are comfortable, stylish and effortless.

A Slouchy Statement

A Slouchy Statement

Trousers – New Look
Shirt – H&M
Jumper – New Look
Plimsolls – ASOS

This outfit gets a 100% for comfort. Let’s start with the trousers. I love my skinny jeans however, and it pains me to say this, they are not ideal to be wearing for a whole day. They become uncomfortable and the tightness might be unhealthy. Which is why these trousers are perfect because they are not tight or rigid but they still give you that flattering silhouette due to the straight leg design. The flannel shirt and the jumper are a good combination. Firstly they are slouchy, which is a plus on the ‘comfortable factor’. Secondly you can do a lot with them as the day rolls. For starters you can take off the jumper when the library or exam room gets overwhelmingly warm. Once the jumper is off you still have the flannel shirt which will be the right amount of cosy. If in any case things get super warm you can always roll the shirt sleeves to cool down while looking stylish as ever. (I always think the layering trend is super handy). To finish of the outfit? A pair of comfortable flats but not just any flats. Like I did here, shoes can be the point where you give your laid back outfit a statement.

The Smart Reader

The Smart Reader

Shirt Dress – New Look
Scarf – H&M
Watch – New Look from ASOS
Boots – ASOS

 This is a smarter option just in case the person sitting next to you in the exam room is cute and you’d like to leave an impression (wink). Still comfortable and still easy, shirt dresses are so in at the moment. You can wear them over tights, your choice. I probably would because I don’t think having my legs out makes me comfortable plus it is January which is not really warm. Adding a scarf will make the outfit more cosy which is ideal in these weather conditions. Finally I’ve chosen ankle boots to finish this look because I like the way they look with shirt dresses. Also, if like Victoria Beckham you “can’t concentrate in flats” adding a bit of a heel might help with your test scores.

Good Luck!

Image from: dcJohn

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