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I’m sure I’m not the only one who is glued to Instagram and Twitter at the moment as I try to keep up to date with everything that is currently going on at fashion week. Because while I am starting lectures and sifting through textbooks, there are men and women looking glamourous while finding out all about the trends the rest of us will be reading about soon enough. And that seems really unfair. Or is that just me? I really hope it isn’t.

So in an attempt to relieve some of my bitterness, I’ve come up with some ideas to celebrate fashion week without the elusive invites. All of these options work brilliantly with or without a bottle of wine.

Fashion Mags

Now is the time to surround yourself with the fashion magazines and pretending that all the pretty dresses (and faces) are right there with you. It might not be as on trend as the items currently on the runway but we all know that  fashion allows for a little bit of reuse and recycling right? (Bonus points if you cry over Cara Delevigne perfect eyebrows.)

Dress Up

Grab a bunch of your friends and all the clothes that you never wear or usually reserve for fancy dress, feather boas and all. Clear yourself some space and have your own fashion show, Carrie Bradshaw style.

Design Away

It’s time to sketch away to your heart’s content. I’m talking crazy hats, ball gowns and new shoes. Try your hand at some new designs and you may even discover a talent you never knew you had. Perhaps the perfect idea for a dress that you have been carrying in your head for years will be the hot new thing next year.

Image courtesy of Flickr user lil’_wiz.

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