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Hey loves! I’m back with another post and today I’m promoting some fashion anarchy! For a very long time some imaginary fashion god has been sat on their fashion throne dictating to us fashion subjects the do’s and don’ts of the fashion world and frankly this god has been doing nothing but restricting us and forcing us to shop more, follow acceptable trends and holding us back from making the most out of our wardrobes. As students we have to make do with what we have and live on a budget and with this post I’m here to tell you that your answer to looking good this spring already lies in your wardrobe and all you have to do is free yourself of some fashion rules to get the most out of your wardrobe. So here are some rules that I’m all for breaking this spring season:

Never Clash Prints

clashing prints

It’s been a fashion rule that clashing prints should not be done but this is one fashion rule that should definitely be broken. Granted this is a tricky act of anarchy because if done wrong you end up looking like a bag lady or homeless person but if done right you can look very chic and sophisticated. To score top marks in clashing prints here’s a few tips and tricks:

Start simple

For beginners a good tip is to mix simple prints within the same colour palette. For example mix monochrome polka dots with stripes and mix vertical and horizontal stripes. Once you’ve got a hang if it then start experimenting with different colours and prints. This is a fail safe way of clashing prints!

Keep it together

Another simple way to clash prints is to mix similar prints in different sizes. Mix ditsy florals with bigger floral prints and fat stripes with thinner stripes… You get the picture.

Mix it up

For the more advanced and adventurous you can definitely mix bolder prints and patterns together. You can mix and match anything from houndstooth to camouflage, aztec prints, tribal prints, polka dots, florals and stripes, the possibilities are endless! The best way to do this with bold prints is to mix these prints in complimentary and similar colour palettes so as to tie the look together or to use a feature colour to tie the look together with a blazer, a bag or accessories.

Never Wear Sparkle During The Day

daytime sequins

It’s an unspoken rule that sequins should never be worn in the daytime but I’m here to tell you, in fact encourage you to wear sparkle during the daytime! From sequin tops to sequin skirts and accessories; here’s how to wear sequins during the day without looking over the top.

Casual is key

The best way to rock sequins in the daytime is to keep it super casual! Pair a sequin top with boyfriend jeans or a sequin skirt with flats to keep the look toned down and daytime appropriate!

Keep it light and bright

To rock your sequins during the daytime pair your sequins with light and bright colours. This makes the look easy, sweet and feminine without giving off Saturday night on the dance floor.

Say nay to jewelry

Another way to keep sequins daytime appropriate is to keep jewelry to a bare minimum or to ditch it all together! This prevents having too much going on with the outfit and keeps the attention on the sequin piece.

Underwear Should Be Hidden

underwear as outerwear

Another unspoken rule which I must say has been being broken for years is keeping your underwear hidden. This is one rule I’m definitely promoting breaking as it’s a huge trend this spring. It’s a tricky trend to follow and if you’re not careful it can definitely be distasteful but here’s a few tips on how you can wear your underwear as outerwear without losing your dignity.

Slip right in

My first tip is wearing a slip dress! Slip dresses are so in and styled right they can look more chic than bedroom. Pair a loose fitted slip dress with a structured blazer, wispy kimono or denim jacket to cover your modesty during the day or opt for a fitted or maxi style slip dress with nice detailing for a night out. This is a chic way to wear your underwear out without looking garish.


Another tip for wearing underwear as outerwear is to show flashes of it underneath something else. This is ultra sexy and can be done with daytime or evening outfits. For the daytime wear a cute bralet under a loose wife beater or a mesh spring knit for a subtle flash of flesh. For night time wear your cute bralet under a sheer fitted top for a very sexy feel. Be careful to cover up your legs if your chest and mid-rif are on show to keep this look sexy and not slutty, there’s a very fine line ladies. For the brave you can take a leaf out of celebs like Kim K’s book and wear a bralet and high waisted short shorts under sheer and cutout garments. Make sure to pair such bold looks with an item of outerwear to tone down the outfit and keep it looking tasteful.

Trade tops for bustiers!

Another tip for wearing underwear as outerwear is to trade your tops for bustiers! This is the simplest and most modest way to follow this trend as you can pair your bustier with absolutely anything! Wear with a skater skirt and trainers during the day time or pair with high waisted structured trousers and sky scrapper heels for night time. Your bustier doesn’t have to be boring either and you can choose anything from a plain black bustier to a leopard printed slinky number.

Never Wear Socks With Sandals

socks and sandals

Another fashion rule that I’m all for breaking this spring is never wearing sandals with socks. This is one rule that was definitely made to be broken and you can break this rule in a variety of ways!


One way to break this rule is to pair your sandals with contrasting coloured socks! This makes both the footwear and the socks pop and adds an interesting flair to an outfit. For beginners start with complimentary colours and neutrals and for the brave and outrageous go all out with bolder colours and interesting textures.

Prints and frills

Another way to break this rule is to go with printed socks and socks with frills. This instantly makes any outfit interesting and quirky and can be done with both flat and high heeled sandals.

Socks with Birkenstocks

Another more controversial way to do the sock and sandals trend is to pair socks with your birkenstocks! You can do this with original or sporty birkenstocks or you can opt for the more fashionable alternative variety of dupes all over the high street. With these u can chose to keep it simple with short ankle socks or go all out with knee high socks!

Sportswear Is For The Gym Or Field

sports luxe

This rule is another rule that I encourage breaking this spring with sports luxe being such a huge trend! Get out your jogging bottoms, runner shorts and baseball jersey’s and break this rule in style.

Simple is winning

With this rule the key is to keep it simple. Sportswear is meant tobe comfortable and laid back so play on that by keeping your outfit super simple. Pair some runner shorts with a plain t-shirt and sandals for a super laid back feel or for a smarter take pair with a button down shirt and sneakers.

Make a statement

When it comes to sports jerseys, always make them the stand out piece. Most jerseys have vibrant colours and bold prints so make a statement in the jersey alone. Opt for an oversized fit for a relaxed feel and wear alone paired with sneakers or sandals during the day or dress up with a clutch and heels at night. For those that are leg shy, pair your jersey with a light pair of leggings, cropped jeans or even a pair of plain joggers for an uber sporty feel.

Free your inner Serena

This is the most feminine way to wear spots luxe. Wear a tennis inspired dress, skirt shorts or a skort for a flirty take on sports luxe. Dresses can be dressed down for the day and dressed up for night whilst bottoms can be paired with relaxed gear for day and accessorised and dressed up for night. So feel free to wear your sportswear inspired outfits out this spring and channel your inner Venus and Serena Williams.

So that’s it my loves I hope I’ve freed your inner rebel and encouraged you to take a second look at some items you already have in your wardrobe. I hope this post encourages you to reach for those items you might have previously though were a fashion no-no and play around with them this spring! experiment more and play around with those pieces gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe, you never know you might have some gems back there. I would also love to know if you have any fashion rules that you think should be broken. Until next time my loves, take care.

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