• Welcome to the 1960s…

    After finding myself almost in tears after following the recent ITV drama ‘Cilla’ I thought I’d focus on the era in which she rose to fame. The 1960s. Most people around the age of 20 will remember Cilla Black from programs such as Blind Date, however her influence on music, fashion and female empowerment goes […]
  • Cartoon Inspired Bags That Look 2D In Real Life

    I don’t know about you but cartoons were a massive part of my childhood. My personal favourite happened to be The Rugrats (I used to watch it all day) so when I saw that cartoon bags are now available, I jumped at the chance to have one. Ariana Grande hopped on the cartoon trend by customizing her […]
  • Art & Fashion – Alice Through The Picture Frame

    This is another post in which I focus my attention on the combination of Art and Fashion. Within this particular project, are probably some of the best pieces of work I have ever created, even though the challenges of self portraiture made it tricky to sometimes even take a picture, let alone a good one, […]