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After finding myself almost in tears after following the recent ITV drama ‘Cilla’ I thought I’d focus on the era in which she rose to fame. The 1960s. Most people around the age of 20 will remember Cilla Black from programs such as Blind Date, however her influence on music, fashion and female empowerment goes far beyond that one ITV studio.

The 1960s was the era where doll faced models such as Twiggy were daringly paired with ever rising skirt hemlines and pastel coloured shift dresses. With the introduction of the contraceptive pill in 1961 women found a whole new sense of freedom. The defiant categories of naughty and nice were suddenly blurred leaving women with a power they had rarely harbored before.

Today we’re seeing the 1960s seductively crawl back onto the high street with retailers such as Asos and Topshop presenting us with key items from the era. The swinging 60s were definitely an important time for women and fashion so I’ve compiled a wish list of my favourite items that are available at the moment.


Shift Dress
ASOS – £28

This rouge beauty is just £28 from Asos and creates the perfect 1960s silhouette. The bright red colour adds a sense of danger and modernity and the short hemline is crucial to forming a look from the era. It’s a deal you can’t afford to miss!


Wrap Over Skirt
Misguided – £14.99

Mary Quant took credit for the mini skirt, another key piece from the 1960s and this skirt is very much inspired from that design. The loud colours and busy patterns are reminiscent of the swingin’ sixties. This skirt is in the sale at Missguided for just £11.00! Perfect bargain.


Trim Shift Dress
Topshop – £48

Finally, I found this baby blue number from Topshop. The pastel colour reflects the 1960s perfectly and the scalloped detail adds a baby-doll edge. The shift dress shape is again perfect for creating the style of the era. This one comes in at £48. A bit of a splurge but one that’s worth it!

So this winter I urge you to dance your way back to the 60s! It holds so many iconic looks that are well worth recreating!

Natalie x

Featured image from steve.

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