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This week I am all over Scottish unisex fashion line ‘Isolated Heroes.’ As a proud Scot myself I love nothing more than discovering home-grown, hot fashion tottie. What’s even more exciting is that these folks are making waves in the fashion industry and their items can now be purchased on ASOS!

club kids

The Club Kids would have ROCKED Isolated Heroes clothing

How can I best describe Isolated Heroes pieces? Imagine cramming neon, 90’s grunge, lashings of sequins and faux fur in a diamond encrusted blender then splattering the end result over a bleak industrial landscape. They are the lovechildren of Eraserhead and Marc Bolan.

Hyper Halter

Diamond$$$ Hyper Halter Dress £75.00

As we draw ever closer to party season, Isolated Heroes have dreamt up a stunning range of alternatives to the LBD. There are twinkling sequins as far as the eye can see that will have your heart racing like some kind of swag magpie. For those of you who don’t wish to live out your childhood fantasies of becoming a mermaid; there are some stunning graphic printed spandex halter dresses that will make you look like an urban princess at your Crimbo party. I love the 90’s metallic collar and industrial clip fastenings.

mermaid dress

Mermaid Green Sequin Party Dress £95.00

Finally, a piece showcasing Isolated Heroes would not be complete without mentioning their outrageous fur coats. A particular fave is their pink and lilac cyber Barbie fur. As an original 90’s kid it stirs a deep longing to dig out the hair mascara, body glitter and Pollypockets.

Barbie fur

Pink and Lilac Cyber Barbie Fur £170.00

I love the fact that Isolated Heroes sticks up its middle finger to mainstream fashion. It goads you to break away from convention and stand out. So go on, embrace your inner club kid and crack open the body glitter, I dare you…


Mwa, Love Lou x



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