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We have prayed and prayed to the underwear Gods and finally the undergarment deities have heard our plea.  When we hear the word “nude” automatically we envisage shades of tan, beige and light browns all of which are pointless if your skin is more chocolate than caramel. For generations women of colour have struggled to find nude underwear that is truly nude for them but finally we have a solution in the form of Nubian Skins. Nubian Group Realising this huge gap in the market Nubian Skins aim to expand the palate of nude underwear to also cater to those of us who need darker shades while also creating beautiful pieces with Nubian skin tones in mind. To ensure colour matches are as close as possible, each colour included in their line has been cleverly matched to the most commonly used foundation brands and tones for darker complexions making it much easier for you to decipher which colour is best to suit you. The idea of colour matching also eliminates the fear of a rogue bra strap escaping a skimpy dress or ruining the look of your favourite sheer top. Before the official launch of the Nubian Skins website in early October, we have been given a sneak peak at the ranges by way of weekly blog posts, each unveiling a new shade with a name as delicious as the tone they represent.

Café Au Lait


Golden Caramel


Nubian Cinnamon


Nubian Berry All of the colours featured are available in sizes that range from a 30B to a 36DD/E for now but hopefully in the near future there will be a wider scope of sizes to choose from along with their prices.   Nubian Counter

It’s always great to see the launch of new companies, brands and visions. Check out their blog and instagram for a behind the scenes look at their journey so far and a cheeky online tour of London’s Nail Bars. Or join the discussion on Twitter.

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