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When it comes to clothes, I’m absolutely terrible at matching my shoes with an outfit. I don’t really own coloured heels because I never know what to wear them with. So if you’re like me and struggle with colour co ordination then you’re probably looking for a pair of heels that will match any outfit for a night out. Well, I’ve recently discovered the secret and I’m happy to share! Metallic. There’s the magic answer. They match with almost anything so you won’t have to keep buying more shoes! I personally hate shoe shopping so this is a bonus for me!

I’ve managed to find a pair from Asos that will solve all your problems. The silver colour is very versatile whilst the snake skin print gives them a bit more substance. The court shoe style means they look classy as ever and they’ll be pretty easy to walk in. At just £28 it’s an investment well worth making. Plus you’ll be able to bring them out year after year.


Faux Snake Skin Court
ASOS – £28

So, Asos have triumphed again! Let me know if you find any more. Metallic shoes are definitely on my wish list this summer!

Natalie x

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