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Tell us a bit about yourself…

I have recently just finished a fashion and textiles course at the university of wolverhampon, I have spent the last 6 years in higher education to get to this stage. I am 22 years old and currently still live at home outside of wolverhampton. My love for fashion is what has pushed me into this desired career path, while studying I’ve also had further part time job into a team leader position and hopefully will progess within the company while completing my masters in fashion, at the university of wolverhampton!


Tell us about your time studying on your course

I have loved completing the 3 year fashion and textile course! I have met some amazing friends and have learnt a lot within my time there! The tutors and technicians have been amazing and although there has been a lot of change within the school it has changed for the better! I have gone from knowing not a lot about fashion, to completing many projects from start to finish, looking at fashion trends, colour trends and fabrics to making the patterns, making the garments and promoting myself and my brand.


How did you get into fashion?

At school I studied graphic design, which I loved. I then went on to study resistant materials which I love as you could make anything out of raw materials which gave an enormous sense of achievement at the end. After 6th form I did an art and design foundation course at Walsall College, which for my final project I made garments out of reused and recycled materials which then made me apply to the university of Wolverhampton to study fashion and textiles.

What are your aspirations as a designer?

My aspirations are broad, I would like to work for many companies trying out a lot of job roles but my ideal job would be to work as a head visual merchandiser for a large high street company as this incorporates my love of fashion as well as my love for shopping.


Who or what are your greatest influences/inspirations as a designer?

My greatest influences as a designer are fashion and people from the past. Nostalgia is a trend that I love and that has always been around, people love to feel good especially if they have someone to compare a design to. I love having an inspiration image in mind and adapting this into my own work.

Fashion is about making a statement. How do you go about making a statement with your designs?

I make a statement by using simple key looks but making these flatter women’s figures. I think simplicity and elegance is key to making a woman feel like she is making the right statement and feel amazing.

Describe the stages of the design process of a recent collection, from concept to completion

This 1950s inspired collection captures the true girly spirit of the era. The collection takes inspiration from the glamour and the glitz from the 1950s, which has then developed into a working women’s collection to take her from day to night. Think playfulness, elegance and vintage, with the sophistication that is needed within the workplace. This 3 piece collection is fashion forward, tapping into the nostalgia trend. They belong on the high end of the high street in shops such as Cos and Hobbs, in a cute and charming section. These designs pay homage to the working women of the fifties who wore their femininity with pride. The inspiration was a 1950s image of a group of ladies talking and drinking, this captures the true spirit of the fifties and how everyday life for some women was. The designs developed quickly and these were my final collection designs of a 6 outfit collection. 3 out these outfits were then created by myself, I created the basic patterns, adapted these patterns and created the garments myself. This was a long process and took around 7 months to complete from beginning to end.


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