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Tell us a bit about yourself…How did you get into fashion?

Well my name’s Naomi, I’m 21, born and raised in Wolverhampton. I’ve always been very creative and loved drawing from a young age. I studied art throughout school and 6th form and wanted to try something different, this is why I chose fashion and textiles to study at university. I originally wanted to do just fashion when I initially got on to the course however print was something I found I was better at. I have done a lot of print for women’s wear taking in to consideration the garment so I was incorporating fashion in to my work a lot.


What are your aspirations as a designer?

To be successful, I’m sure this is the case for all designers. I’m willing to work hard to get there. I really enjoy being creative so as long as I keep doing that I’ll be happy. My main goal is to become freelance, I’d love the freedom to have my own business selling designs myself and also to other companies.


Who or what are your greatest influences/inspirations as a designer?

The greatest influences on me as a designer are my family, they support me and help out which makes me want to make them proud so I keep pushing as much as I can to do the best and be the best person I can be. My inspirations for my work can come from anything, if I see something that inspires me I can come up with an idea and create a print and see it in many different product areas.

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Fashion is about making a statement. How do you go about making a statement with your designs?

I like to keep my designs new and exciting, I get an idea of who my target market is and work towards that. Eye catching and interesting designs are what people are attracted to so this is something I make sure is included in my design work.

2major project mood board2 

Describe the stages of the design process of your collection, from concept to completion

Well I started off doing some research on WGSN for the most recent trends and also Pinterest (I’m addicted) to get inspiration for print and silhouette. From this I came up with a concept for my designs, I created a mood board and came up with an initial colour palette. I knew tropical was going to be my overall theme for this collection and id also decided on the product area and target market. This is something that had to be done during the 1st semester of uni.

Once all that was done and I had collected all the research I started to come up with some designs both in and out of my sketchbook. Working in the sketchbook is very limiting for size so I like to work on larger pieces of paper and try to work to scale.

Once I was happy with my designs I came up with a silhouette I wanted the designs to be showcased in, I layered my designs and took pictures, put them in to the computer and used Photoshop to play around with the designs. I did this until I was happy, layering and working in to the designs and finally chose my final range. As part of my project I had to come up with 8 final designs so I am left with designs that don’t make it but these can be worked on and developed further and put in to another product area.

10410726_318208358332760_6754358627188159109_nThe fabric I chose to use for my samples was silk viscose satin as it had the fall I wanted for the completed designs’ had them printed as A2 samples, then I chose a final 3 and had them printed in my final dress silhouette and made them. These then featured in the graduate fashion show.


This collection is called Club Tropicana and is a range of vibrant and exciting fashion prints for spring/summer 2015. Inspired by all things tropical, this collection is the perfect holiday print.

You Can Find More Of Naomi’s Work Or Get In Touch Through The Links Below:

Website | Facebook | IssuuLinkedin

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