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Do you always make sure every item of your outfit matches? Your accessories, make up and socks included? This season there’s no need to be all ‘matchy matchy’ with many designers purposely clashing, meaning you no longer need to worry about the colour coordination of your outfit! This is some peoples dream trend! You can chuck on whatever you want and it’s acceptable…Or is it?

It seems the easiest and best way to complete this look is to match bright colours. However if you’re not too confident in wandering around in fluorescent pink and green, maybe try one bright colour and a few clashing accessories! Another option for those less confident is to buy a big bright print to item with neutral colours to tone it down a little.

One of my favourite big bright prints is this pencil skirt from TopShop. At first glance it may not be to every ones taste, but once you have tried it on with a black top and accessories it looks very classy! Excellent for a night out or even dinner. At £38 it might be a little out of budget, but its definitely worth sacrificing a couple of drinks this week to have this bright patterned pencil skirt in your wardrobe.

If you’re not one for bold prints, I know I am always a little cautious with them, the way to this seasons clashing colours for you could be one bright item and clashing accessories. There are so many bright dresses out there on the high street, in price ranges to suit everyone.

This is one of my personal favourites and also comes in fluorescent pink. The fluorescent tone might be a little much for some but if you’re feeling brave mix it with clashing accessories. If you’re not feeling so bold, it will look just as good with a pair of black heels and a big necklace.

My only issue with this piece is it’s price tag, at £39 it’s not the cheapest but add on the student discount and it brings it down a little! If that’s still not an option there are many other versions in other high street shops that are just as good.

Fancy taking the trend all the way? Many shops are now carrying bright shoes in every colour imaginable as well as handbags.

Turquoise may not be an obvious colour for shoes, but this pair from New Look are only £17.99 and you could wear them with practically everything this season. The best thing about them is if this trend dies down they’ll still look great  over the summer months with a simple outfit!

After looking at all the colour clashes available I can certainly say that I will be out buying a couple of bright items to add to my wardrobe, although I’m not quite brave enough just yet to go all the way. Will you be?

Amelia    X.

Featured image from Carolyn Todd

I am currently a Fashion Promotion and communication student, Love to shop, read and drink far to much coffee!
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