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After the Student Fashion review of the popular Depop App I thought I’d take a look at another fashion app, Mallzee.

What is Mallzee?

Mallzee is a shopping app, designed to make online shopping easier for you. Often described as a ‘Tinder for fashion,’ Mallzee offers many different features to make you feel like you are really at a shopping center with the girls, for example you can share images of items of clothing with friends by using the share button – we all need a second opinion! There are over 100 brands to choose from so you can shop from a variety of different stores. You can tailor the app to generate options to suit your style and taste, so you’re bound to find something to spend that student loan on!

How does the Mallzee App work?

Mallzee App Style Feed

After you download the app simply make an account. Once you have done that, you then need to decide what occasion you’re shopping for. You can name each occasion based on what type of clothing you want to find, for example ‘work wear’.


You can then choose what item of clothing you’re looking for, so you can shop dresses, trousers, shoes… Whatever you fancy! Next you choose what colours you’re wanting and which brands you want to shop from.

Mallzee App Review

Finally you can pick your price range because we all know how disheartening it is when you fall in love with an item of clothing that costs as much as a house! You will now have created a category which will go into your ‘style feed.’ The style feed is where you go to find all of the categories you’ve created. The app will then generate choices based on your selections. You can swipe right to pass it, and left to save it, just like Tinder – oh come on, we’ve all tried it! If you find something you want to buy simply click on the ‘buy’ button and the app will forward you to the retailer where you can make your purchase securely from their site.

What’s fab about the Mallzee App?


All of the items you save will go into your ‘saved’ list so you don’t have to start looking through again.

The app will notify you if any of your saved items drop in price – we all love a good sale!

You can have multiple style feeds for different occasions so everything stays neat and tidy.

By being able to set a price range you can clearly see what you can get for your budget and not be tempted to spend more.

You can choose the brands that you want to shop from, which saves you looking through brands you don’t like.

You can share items you save with your friends via apps such as Whatsapp and get a second opinion. As Gretchen Weiners once famously pointed out, ‘you wouldn’t buy a skirt without asking your friends first if it looks good on you!’

It’s not just for girls, there’s an option to choose male clothes for all you fashion conscious lads out there!

It’s free to download!

What’s not so fab about the Mallzee App?

Product in Mallzee

Product in Mallzee

Product in Safari

Product in Safari

As the checkout process takes you to the retailer’s site – albeit without exiting the app – this can sometimes be problematic as not all online shops are optimised for a seamless mobile experience. A further problem with this is that the app doesn’t work with pinch to zoom so on these non-mobile friendly sites you are made to scroll endlessly to navigate as you can see above.

The previous version of the app was a lot more basic from the most recent version. You couldn’t personalize your style feeds, which meant you might get items of clothing being suggested that you would never wear. However, with the new version of the app everything can be personalized to your taste, which saves you looking through things you don’t like. So if you’ve already downloaded Mallzee I’d definitely recommend updating to the newer version!

So rather than scouring through different websites and having millions of tabs open on your laptop, download Mallzee! It’s every online shopping addicts dream!

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