• The Ultimate Guide to Depop: App Review

    Hey dolls! I’m back with another post on Student Fashion. Today I’m going to be doing a review of the increasingly popular Depop app and sharing my personal experience of using it. So lets get straight into it. What is the depop app?   Depop is an online market place much like the asos market […]
  • Mallzee App Review: Online Shopping from your Mobile

    After the Student Fashion review of the popular Depop App I thought I’d take a look at another fashion app, Mallzee. What is Mallzee? Mallzee is a shopping app, designed to make online shopping easier for you. Often described as a ‘Tinder for fashion,’ Mallzee offers many different features to make you feel like you are […]
  • Eco Fashion: Discover Greener Materials With Nike’s “Making” App

    As you are developing your craft, style and skill as a budding designer, there are many considerations to be made about the materials you use. One consideration often overlooked at this point in development is what impact the materials you use will have on the planet. Not only is eco fashion in, but society as […]