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As any petite female understands, it can be hard to find clothing to accommodate your size without any tailoring. I work for Michael Stars, a luxury comfort brand, where most things are “one sized,” which poses challenges for me at times when wearing the clothing. So I usually wear shirts as dresses and alter other things when needed. This is an open front cardigan from Fall 2013 that I immediately bought with the intentions of wearing as a dress. So I’d like to share some ideas with you all on how to wear a cardigan as a dress!

Cardigan Dress Style 1

How To Wear A Cardigan As a Dress

How To Wear A Cardigan As a Dress

This was my original idea. Being petite and also a lover of skin, I like to accentuate my legs to elongate myself and my boobs because well, they’re boobs, what’s not to love? All I did was wrap the cardigan across like a bathrobe, put on a waist belt and voila, this was born!

Cardigan Dress Style 2

How To Wear An Oversized Cardigan As a Dress

How To Wear An Oversized Cardigan As a Dress

I also had the intentions of seeing how this would look as a back-out dress and this was my first idea. Working at Michael Stars, I’ve grown a liking for drape neck tops (but nothing too dramatic, just a subtle amount of material). This option makes the dress knee-length and a bit more work appropriate, which is what I need, obviously lol

Cardigan Dress Style 3

How To Wear A Baggy Cardigan As a Dress

How To Wear A Baggy Cardigan As a Dress

I love my body art so I thought another back-out option would be nice if I could think of one. With option #2, while arranging the back, the drape neckline fell into a mock neckline (which I’m obsessed with, hello 90’s!) and I became interested. This is the longest option of the two, but the professional in the front, sexy in the back aspect is understatedly uptown. Being from New York, I alternate between uptown and downtown. This shows a lot more back than the last option, but it’s okay to accentuate sensuality. It’s empowering actually!

Outfit Details


Open Front Cardigan – Michael Stars
Belt – River Island
Shoes – Topshop
Necklace – Stephanie Leigh Jewelry

So I hope I’ve helped some of you petite girls out there like me! Empower yourself by embracing your nudity and expanding your creativity, you never know what will work for you until you think outside of the box :)”

Let me know if you find my tips on how to wear a cardigan as a dress useful and let me know if you give it a try.

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