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We often dismiss scarves as winter wear but they are extremely versatile as accessories throughout the year all you need is a little imagination. A light weight cotton scarf can instantly add colour and personality to an outfit or why not try a delicate silk scarf as an alternative for a touch of sophistication. Also remember summer scarves don’t always have to be worn around your neck; shawls, head bands, attached to a bag strap, tucked under the collar of a simple blazer are just a few ways to accessorise your wardrobe.

I am one of those people that has a scarf in every colour ready to accompany any outfit imaginable. If your having trouble wrapping your head around scarves in the summer the three looks we have created here should give you an idea of how to style summer scarves. The idea is to pair a statement scarf with a simple but bold outfit… nothing to crazy so that the scarf takes centre stage.

Geometric Printed Scarf



This scarf was a little bulkier then the others with plenty of soft fabric to play with so to show it off I decided to style it in the tradition scarf manor, draped around the neck.

Wearing this style of scarf in this way is perfect for showcasing the ample flowing material alongside giving the full effect of the tribal print. This scarf is ideal for days or nights where there is a slight chill and is much more compact then a jacket.

Leopard Printed Scarf



Sticking with the theme of chilly nights, because let’s face it we live in England, the second scarf was perfectly cut to be doubled as a shawl.

The monochrome print gives you effortless elegance and the silky material screams luxury seductivly draped over one shoulder.

Sunflower Printed Scarf

how to style summer scarves


The third and final scarf had all the sentiments of summer light fine sleek material, punchy bright colours and a large floral print.

The busy pattern of this scarf inspired me to get a little more creative stealing the bowler hat off my photographer (whom incidentally lost all the images, hence the video stills), I tied the scarf around the rim finishing in a bow. It was a quirky addition to the outfit highlighting just how a scarf can rejuvenate basic items you have stashed away in your wardrobe.

Outfit Details

Geometric Scarf – Scarf World

Leopard Scarf – Scarf World

Sunflower Scarf – Scarf World

Crop top – Topshop

Pleated skirt – Topshop

Sandals – New Look

Thanks to our contributor Carolina for modelling on this one. Student Fashion would also like to say thank you to the National Trust 1930’s Sweet Shop who allowed us to disrupt their day and shoot in and around their store, the sweets made an amazing backdrop and gave me an excuse to indulge my sweet tooth.

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