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I used to love going shopping. Getting together with the girls to go and buy ourselves something nice, something that made us feel good. But lately I’ve been so disappointed with the service of retailers such as Next and Topshop. It now seems like you can’t buy anything white without someone else’s orange face paint smeared all over it.

At one time (so I’ve been told by my mother), when you bought something from a store in town it would be neatly folded and wrapped in tissue paper. Now the only place I know of that do that is Victoria’s Secret. When I bought underwear from there, I could have literally squealed at how beautifully packaged they were. And I felt like I had bought something special. Presentation matters!


If you see something you want whilst shopping, it’s more than likely that they won’t have it in stock and you will be told to ‘order it online.’ So I did as I was told. I ordered some shoes from Topshop.com only to receive an email three days later telling me my order had been cancelled due to them going out of stock. Surely I should have been told this before I ordered my shoes and got all excited?

So I guess with this article I’m pleading to the high street, sort it out! Make your customers feel valued again, rather than trying to sell them damaged goods. No one wants to invest in that.

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