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It can be a struggle when you are constantly being mistaken for the opposite sex. For me, it has happened three times!  I remember exactly when and where it happened. Each time was mortifying! When it happened for the first time I was in a state of disbelief, so I decided to make a Youtube Video in Response to it! Thus sparking an interest in making vlogs.

The casual ''boy'' look

For me, it meant that when I decided to go with the casual look (above image), I would always be concerned that people passing by would think ”What an odd looking boy” or ”What a Tom boyish looking girl”. When thinking up something to write for my first post on Student Fashion, I thought about sharing my ways to work with the androgynous look and thus make the first edition of my work on this site personal!

My hair has gradually become shorter and shorter over time, and I feel this is the main reason I have the boyish look about me. Even though I now intend to grow my hair I have had to develop a certain style over the years to make my gender apparent, and I will most likely stay true to that style even with longer hair!

The inbetween look

Shirt: £44 Gilly Hicks

Just because you may have the boyish look about you, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear your good old pair of jeans! Try wearing a razor back or a shirt with bright colours with it. To finish the look off, and stay true to the casual style, wear your shirt over it. This means that on a colder day you have warmth yet you are still finishing off the outfit.

It’s in the summer months when you can really experiment, show your style and your best features. Wearing a simple pair of denim shorts is a classic summer look which achieves some lovely results. Denim goes with any colour, so choose a top that shows off your style and similarly do the same with your hair, shoes and accessories.

Shorts and Colours

Shorts: £13 Gilly Hicks

If you are looking for something that really stands out against other garments, Camden Market is the best place for alternative fashion! With a rich culture and a wide range of styles, it is an iconic fashion location to rake in the good deals and the best clothes! The styles of their dresses for instance, are edgy yet show off your curves, making you look very feminine. They can be worn in many ways! How about wearing tights and a pair of heels for a smart night out? Or a pair of Doc Martins or Converse for your everyday wear? The possibilities range far enough to suit your most typical outings and events. You could even experiment with shoes and accessories; I like to wear one yellow converse and one blue converse to highlight my own individual quirky style! And leather jackets are another smart and fashionable way to finish off this stylish outfit!

Camden Dress

Dress: £35 Camden Market

Don’t be afraid to experiment and mix and match random pieces of clothing together, that are not only casual and comfortable, but stylish as well. You will find things that work for you, and accentuate your girly features.

I hope you can see through-out the images that there are ways to go from the boy look to the girl look. What do you prefer? And do you have any other ideas for achieving the best look? It can be a fun way of experimenting with your own style and identity, you will come across things that don’t work, and things that do. However you may just discover your own personal style to develop and carry through for the rest of your life!

The Androgynous look really doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all! Technically it means you can suit any type of clothing, so make it work for you! With your favourite colours, styles and accessories, you can ”chuck” a few ideas around and come up with something new, quirky and suited to your personality!

Androgynous Choices

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