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Over the next few months I want to focus on certain types of accessories. This week I want to look at shoes, and in part 2 I will go in to more detail by joining the featured shoes with outfits and how to achieve the best looks!

I suppose you wouldn’t normally consider a pair of shoes to be an accessory, more like a necessity, however a pair of shoes can either complete or diminish your outfit, so it is a crucial consideration when wanting to achieve the right image.

A Shoe Collection

The above image is a small selection of my shoes, and I don’t particularly have a wide range, as you can see I mostly have Converse. Although not all of my 9 pairs are featured in this post! So rather than making a post on the big expanse of different styles of shoes I intend to offer a way to style the more casual shoe look with clothes and how to achieve trendy styles.

One thing I have learnt over the past few years is that Converse look their best when they have seen the worst! So go ahead, wear them to death! It always makes the shoes look more natural with any outfit, if they are slightly scruffy. It achieves a fashionable yet casual look which can work to your advantage with any type of outfit.

One shopping trip lead me to the combination of shoes found below! I had odd socks on so I decided to leave one shoe on when switching to try on the next colour of converse. I ended up wearing one yellow and one blue shoe. I decided I rather liked this and went ahead and bought both pairs. Ever since I have received some odd stares and comments towards this fashion choice, but at the end of the day it shows my unique style. Plus one day I can wear one pair of shoes, and the next day I can wear the other pair! It can make any outfit of mine very quirky, I normally pair it with blue and black clothing; it makes me feel like I turn an ordinary outfit in to something more intriguing. It is not the first time two colours have been worn on feet, so why not have a go and try this out for yourself! Have you ever done something like this? If so, what quirky shoe styles have you come up with?

Colour Mix UpLaces can be another fun part to your outfit, with converses or any other style of shoes. So why not try out different patterns and colours to suit your personal style!

Shoe Laces

And one of my favourite pairs of Converse has to be this pair of boots! This black pair of quirky shoes goes very well with shorts, skirts, dresses and even over the top of a pair of jeans. The ways in which you can wear these bad boys are endless!

Lots of Laces

Cute Vans

You see so many people wearing the basic coloured Vans with what looks like a marshmallow sole! But why not change it up a little and go with the cartoon designs, and matching it with bright colours in your clothes can once again bring out your own individual style!

Doc Martins IMG_9486

As you may know, Doc Martins weren’t always worn as a fashion statement! They used to be worn by working men, such as postmen and policemen. They were made to be worn to keep feet warm and dry during the wetter months of the year. However over the last decade or so they have become predominantly a fashion icon, coming in an array of colours and patterns. DM’s also have a very springy sole, hence the name ”airwair” and whenever I wear mine they seem to put a spring in my step!

High Heels in Style

And finally heels are another way of styling your outfits, I am not partial to wearing a heel but for special occasions they do make an appearance. Basic black heels are perfect to go with any dress to make a smart look, however with skirts it can create a more casual style. Or you could swing in the opposite direction and have something like a pair of Converse heels, which will give a more chilled look to your pair of ”Night out” shoes.

Classic Heels

 Shoes can be a very affordable and easy way to complete your outfit in the style that suits you best! Experiment with different colours, and leave a comment if you have any other cool shoe combinations like my yellow and blue pair of shoes. Make sure to watch out for my next post on the combination of shoes with some outfits!

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