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Christmas displays in my favourite high street stores can only mean one thing… the festive season is here! This also means festive partying. We all want that perfect outfit at this time of year that will double as both a Christmas party and club ensemble. If you are getting tired of pulling out the same old dress, heals and handbag combination, when it comes to going out, it may be time to try something new.

This year party-goers are in favour of the jumpsuit and here’s why: they are easy to wear when you find the right cut for you, there is not much to think about because it is a one piece and last but not least they are extremely comfy, let’s face it jumpsuits are the fashionistas onesie.

Printed jumpsuits

Different from the luxe casual versions we saw earlier in the year, the jumpsuits that have hit the rails this season are much sleeker and more tailored to fit. Whether you are looking for a slim leg to showcase you favorite pair of killer heels or the effortless, glamorous flair of a wide leg there is bound to be one for you.

Backless dresses and jumpsuits will be everywhere this Christmas; although they may not be the warmest option to wear, they will definitely raise the temperature in any party once revellers catch a glance of your rear.

 image4xxl   love jumpsuit with cross back asos £40

Love Jumpsuit With Cross Back: £40 from Asos



Jumpsuit with Strappy Back Detail: £22.50 from Asos


The simplicity of the front of each of these jumpsuits lends itself perfectly to the dramatics going on at the back. Wear with simple accessories in one tone which will keep all the attention on the detailing.

The Cami top has been a festive staple year after year and this one is no exception. The slinky strappy nature of the cami style invokes a feel of being effortless but still sexy.

strappy cup jumpsuit £60 topshop

Strappy Cup Jumpsuit: £60 from Topshop

Sometimes a jumpsuit can feel slightly to concealing but the skinny straps featured on the above jumpsuit allows you to show a little skin without being too revealing. The bright colours are a nice reminder that although the days may be becoming dull it doesn’t mean your fashion has to.

Sheer fabrics have been around for a while but we still can’t get enough of their peak-a-boo nature, if worn well they will look classy yet suggestively racy all at once.

v neck jumpsuit by wal g topshop £40

V Neck Jumpsuit by Wal G: £40 from Topshop

This jumpsuit screams glamour. The wide fit leg against the structured upper half will be flattering on almost any body shape, alongside the sheer material that will reveal enough of you to capture deserved attention. Sheer legs may not be for everyone, but the clever thing about this style is this particular jumpsuit has an under layer which cuts off mid thigh therefore not revealing much so you can keep your modesty intact.

So why not shake things up this festive season and go for a jumpsuit, forget about the LBD’s and slip into something new!

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