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As a fashion droid, I love fashion (the clue is in the name with that one). As an observer, I also love works of art. Photography is one of the key fundamentals that helps promote the fashion world. I mean think about it, if we didn’t have the ability to take pictures, then we wouldn’t be able to share those classic moments that can only be captured by a camera lense.

Dries van Noten Landscape Top

The stage of fashion that is the runway would only serve purpose to those who can witness the events first hand. Naturally, very few people would witness the primary source of fashion.

But have you ever thought about combining the two? And I don’t mean in the combination if photographing clothes (but this is very important). I mean the abstract art of printing landscape images on clothes!

Oh yes, paintings aren’t just for walls – they are for jumpers and dresses too! This curios combo is a visual delight, and is really looking like it could be this year’s winter print! So, without hesitation let’s get store checkin’ and find out where you can nab some of these seriously cool clothes!

This pattern was a really tough one to find a good selection of. Surprisingly for me, the store that was really able to deliver this style was River Island (although admittedly there wasn’t much variation). But I did manage to find some other less known designers.

Initially, this sort of style was introduced by Christopher Kane earlier this year when he applied a galaxy theme to his designs. However, the designs are now being focused on things a little more down to earth.

Landscape Dress Blue – River Island

Instead of the Milky Way being splattered across our clothes, we can see the countryside, a cheap motel or the African Savannah. The tones are mainly soft at the moment (blue and black are recurring favourites), and its only dresses and tops that have been lucky enough to get the nature feel. But maybe that’s for the best, as it gives the outfit itself a more fluid balance of pattern and preens (wearing black or white bottoms goes great with this look by the way).

So, you guys get busy shopping for the scenery. This pattern is going to be a necessity this season, as it gives off the chilly vibe that engulfs us all when the leaves fall off the trees. Get this look right and you are going to look like a REAL masterpiece!

Hi I'm Maddie and I'm a student fashion blogger! I'm 18 and love weird trends, wonderful sale sand wacky clothes!
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One thought on “Get the Picture?

  1. Shaz

    Great look, invisible and camouflage.

    October 31, 2012 at 10:39 am

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