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Upon receiving my copy of Stylists, I had hoped that it would provide me an insight into the  world of stylists. While I can’t say that it didn’t provide insight, I can’t say it was the insight  I had been hoping for.

In Stylists author Katie Baron, loosely profiles 25 of the biggest contemporary Stylists, including Nicola Formichetti stylist to Lady Gaga, Katie Grand frequent  collaborator to Marc Jacobs Melanie Ward of Harper’s Bazaar and many more of the most influential contributors to the current creative landscape. Their combined works range from various Editorial and Creative  positions at Magazine publications, such as Vougue, i-D Magazine and GQ to name a few.


As well as their work with brands and designers such as Marc Jacob, Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein and more. The book shares the stylists formative journey’s into fashion & styling, both common and uncommon, as well as outlining their respective paths towards their current positions. It’s usually here where you find the books most frustrating moments, when it touches upon, nay teases upon the stylists defining works/projects but they are no where to be seen in the surrounding pages! I found myself often turning to google, to satiate my curiosity.



That said the images that are present are often stunning and thought provoking, more so when combined with the preceding thoughts of the Stylist responsible. It really leaves you wanting more and it’s a shame there aren’t more. This is also testament to the strong visual presentation of the book. As it’s the kind of book which would grab you if it was laying on a coffee table or a book store and have you flicking through taking in the images without really reading anything. That’s definitely one way to enjoy the book.


While overall the title is light on details, its use of interviews with both the stylists and their frequent/significant collaborators, succeeds in providing insight into the thought processes, beliefs and philosophies of the different stylists. These insights are ample enough to provide inspiration and introspection on ones own views and thoughts on both fashion and styling.

Stylists: New Fashion Visionaries is an inspirational and introductory look into the world of stylists, one I’d recommend to aspiring Stylists. It’s definitely something I’ll be returning to when I’m in need of some inspiration!

STYLISTS: New Fashion Visionaries is published by Laurence King Publishing with foreword by Nick Knight and is available from LaurenceKing.com, Amazon & Other book Retailers

Images Courtesy of Laurence King Publishing

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