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Everybody has items in their wardrobes that they deem ‘essential’. These often differ from season to season and person to person. Despite this, from our point of view there are ten year-round wardrobe essentials that we couldn’t live without. The styles may change but the basics are always there! We’ve assembled a list of basics that will see you through come rain or shine. And don’t forget, most of the sites listed below give a pretty good student discount too! So, in no particular order:

1. One loose black t-shirt. For us it’s gotta be a round neck, although you might prefer a V neck depending on what you like! Black t-shirts are almost always flattering on any body shape, plus are perfect for layering so it makes sense that this is at the top of our list.


 Missguided – £14.99

2. One white t-shirt. Be it a boyfriend fit, a baggy tee or a tight fitting vest, you need a white t-shirt just as much as you need a black one. It can be as casual or dressy as suits you, but might be worth spending a bit of cash on for an important interview or for work.


Mango @ John Lewis – £20

3. Leather jacket. This one has to be a bomber style for us, but there are so many different shapes and types to choose from that it’s completely individual preference. Leather jackets are great for keeping warm in winter and for dressing down an outfit in summer. Everybody has their perfect leather jacket, you just have to find yours.

croc-bomber-jacketTopshop – £58.00

4. Breton stripes. Whether you have a breton jumper, t-shirt, crop, vest or shirt, investing in a flattering breton top will never be a bad move.


Zara – £15.99

5. Those jeans. The ones that make you feel incredible every time you put them on, and make people say ‘your ass looks amazing’ . Find them and buy multiple pairs, wear them until the knees give in and just keep on wearing them. They’ll never fail you.


Cheap Mondays – £49

6. Winter coat. Obviously this one isn’t a ‘year-round’ staple per-se, but it is crucial for (yes, you guessed it), winter. Try getting one in a colour that isn’t black; neutral colours or statement prints work well to give an edge to a simple outfit.


Monki – £25

7. White shirt. It could be silk, wool, cotton or anything you like; as long as you have a couple of stand-out simple white shirts. Good for the office, interviews or even just with jeans and a cardigan; a simple white shirt is a must-have for all year round.


Cos – £55

8. Black heeled boots. As chunky or delicate as you like, heeled boots are the best way to dress up a casual outfit or dress down your party wear. Put them with leather trousers and a tee or a dress, they won’t ever go out of style.


Topshop – £42

9. Knitted jumper. It doesn’t matter what colour, size or shape, everyone needs a nice knit. Whether it’s a thick one for the colder months or a light, loose knit for those summer nights, find one that will never let you down.


Sheinside – £12.70

10. Little black dress. Cliché as it sounds, the LBD is still a wardrobe staple. These days you’re not necessarily limited to a black dress, patterns and different colours have become basics for many people so have a play around a find that perfect little dress to make everyone say ‘wow’.


New Look – £28

Of course, this list is just our opinion. You may have a similar list and you may have one completely different, but hopefully we might have helped any of you struggling to de-clutter your wardrobes!

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