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If you’re a girl you’ve seen it, if you’re a guy, you’re girlfriends shown you it, and if you’re a parent, your daughter hasn’t stopped pestering you about it. Yes it’s the Zara Lookbook for February 2014. Before I carry on discussing this masterpiece of fashion, I have a confession. While researching and creating this article, I actually had to stop half way through and go and indulge myself within Zara’s new range. Lets just say this, my student loan was spent very well (the summer wardrobe has come along nicely!).

 Seeing this seasons range first hand only made me fall in love with it more! Zara really have hit the nail on the head with this one! It’s absolutely stunning. From bell shaped sleeves to perfection in pastels, they have really mastered the ‘in’ trends for this summer, and have literally blown their competitors out of the water.

 You cant start talking about your summer wardrobe or trends without someone saying “OMG have you seen Zara’s February Lookbook, I literally want everything” and they’re not lying. Its gorgeous, every single bit of it!


With Lemon being a big hit this summer, I’ve made up a collation of their most beautiful items around the theme of a sunflower. Taking the classic LBD and adding Zara’s POPPING yellow coat, and matching bag, accompanied by white chunky sandals, or pointy flats for a smarter look. Alternatively a lighter look with a pleated cream midi skirt, yellow blouse and heeled black sandals (a must have this summer!).

Zara Blues

The rise of baby blue and denim is back and of course Zara haven’t missed out! A collection of beauties above! My favorites being the white maxi dress and fauz leather skirt! They are going to be on the wish list.

Zara Pastel

Last year we ventured into the Aztec era with bold reds and greens, but this summer looking pretty in pastels is what we are all striving for. Zara hasn’t missed a beat with their collection of pastels. As always their range of spring coats are stunning with addition of a ‘to-die for’ lemon coat! Along with pastel blue and pink making their come backs. The beauty of this collection is that you could but any one of these beautiful coats and they would fit in with whatever mix and match outfit you chose!

Zara Tropics

 Latching onto the tropical feel! Taking Zara’s statement yellow coat, matching white crop-top and pencil skirt co-ord (j’adore) and adding a popping blue bag, yellow necklace and chunky white, wooden heel sandals makes the perfect bright look. For a more holiday feel, use the tropical blue and yellow pencil skirt, white crop top with blue bag and flat white sandals!

If you’ve actually finished reading this and you’re still sitting at home, props to you! I wasn’t able to do it. If you’ve shamelessly not been able to finish reading without running to your nearest Zara, I’ll forgive you because I’d be the same 🙂

O x

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