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Coming from someone who spends most of her waking hours drawing figures from catwalking.com and who has spent many of her primary school years locked in her room profusely drawing comic book characters at the time, I would have to say I genuinely like this book.


It covers more than what I have found spread across five fashion illustration books between it’s thin 2mm hardback covers. This is one of the best I have seen so far. So no more weighty 10kg books with 3-inch chapters!

This book covers not only womenswear, but a nice thick section on menswear and childrenswear is included too. It has a range of pattern sources, in-depth descriptions in how to strew out some nice accessories and my personal favourite, is that it really helps to develop your own personal style.

Fashion Drawing has some great illustrations from some of the top current fashion illustrators. This is a relief, as there’s nothing more off putting than traulling through an old fashion book from the back of the library which is heavily reminiscent of the 80’s sketching styles with sphaghetti hair and brash neon colour combinations.

For those budding fashion design graduates looking for a job, this book has some excellent portfolio standard examples. Maybe something you can ‘be inspired by’ for your own work.

It has an amazing section of draping mastery. It shows you how to develop flat block patterns into a working drawing then onto a human figure. Once you have mastered this skill you are a truly on the right track.

If you could just buy one fashion illustration book for your 3 year fashion degree, this would be it. As cliché as it may sound, I have actually found myself selling the rest of my wares on eBay making space for this handy toolkit of illustration mastery.


Recommend It

100 %


If you want to improve your technique then this book definitely has all you need to develop.
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