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The humble T-shirt. It’s a go-to staple that will be in every season. It’s THE most versatile thing in your wardrobe. It looks cool on most people, can be accessorised in any way and the sheer variety of designs and styles available is flabbergasting. So what is it about Daisy Chain Clothing that makes their T-shirts one my absolute favourites?! Well, read on and see…

Daisy Chain was set up kind of by accident by power couple Maddie Knight (check her blog here) and her lovely beau Shane Dowd. Shane’s mum had some t-shirt printing equipment and one rainy day, armed with a couple of plain white tee’s and some transfer paper, the first Daisy Chain prototypes were born.

After tonnes of people asked where they got their tees from, as they wore them at work in Topshop and Urban Outfitters, the dynamic duo started to make and sell a few more. Since then, Daisy Chain tees can be found at vintage fairs up and down the country (they also sell thrifted goods – get yourself to a Daisy Chain stall for treasures old and new!), and ASOS freakin’ love them!

Maddie studies fashion design and so whenever she comes across an image that could be incorporated into a cool design, she seeks the owner’s permission to use it on the Daisy Chain tees.

‘Bright Night Sky’ is their current best-seller; a young lad stands in his Yorkshire garden beneath an awe-inspiring moon. The photograph was taken by the Yorkshire lad himself; Jamille Graves’ and is illustrative of the kind of quirky juxtaposition that characterises much of Daisy Chain’s designs. It’s northern suburbia, but galactic.

Another of their huge sellers of last season was ‘Alice in Chains’- the curled blonde locks, pretty bow and feminine dress adorning our favourite beacon of naivety jar against the enigmatic expression she pulls in her mugshot. Not unlike our good-girls-gone-bad du jour; Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton, except Alice usually wears knickers. I think.

My other favourite designs include ‘Grace’- a ballerina makes a striking silhouette as she languishes against a ladder on pointe, and ‘Alley-way’ a simple but intriguing design that makes you wonder what goes on down those dingy alleys you dare not walk down. It may just be an old man with a carrier bag but hey can’t be too sure these days! Especially in Birmingham…

What I love about Daisy Chain T-shirts are how wearable and versatile they are- Girls, wear yours as it comes with jeans and kitch jewellery or headbands, or roll the sleeves rolled up and show those guns. Ahem… or try yours tucked into a high-waisted skirt or shorts with some patterned tights (or bare legs- flash those pins in the summer sun!)

Guys why not team yours with some chinos instead of jeans, or long shorts for chilled summer days. Let the quirky designs peek out from V-neck cardigans, open shirts or jackets, and layer up when it gets colder, making sure your Daisy Chain tee is the one you get to show off!

You get the gist- these tees can be worn in a multitude of ways in many different styles, or customised as you wish to suit you. A personal fave is the low-sided sleeve-less style which flashes a hint of skin less often seen. Daisy Chain T-shirts are unisex, and are available in small, medium or large, usually in a round-neck easily-wearable style though others like vests and scoop-necks are available too (if you ask nicely they’ll even make you one to order in the style, print, colour and size of your choice).

Maddie and Shane have been inundated with orders but wouldn’t let you miss out on having your very own Daisy Chain tee. To buy simply search for ‘Daisy Chain Clothing’ on ASOS Marketplace, or get yourself to one of their stalls at a fabulous vintage fair- follow their Facebook group to see where you can find them next!

Keep your eyes peeled for some cool bands and artists rocking the tees at the Strawberry Fields festival 26th-28th August and keep your ear to the ground to hear about which retailers will be first to get their hands on what is sure to be one of the quirkiest most sought-after T-shirt companies of 2011. You heard it here first folks!

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