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Winter has to be my favourite time of year, not just for the festivities and celebrations, but for winter fashion. There is something about those blue skied, crisp winter mornings that inspire me to jump out of bed and wiggle into the newest seasonal fashions (although as the cold winter air hits my skin I do get the urge to jump back in).


From autumn to winter we are immersed in new renditions of traditional winter wear and are challenged to rethink what winter wear should be or look like. We have seen the regular staples such as the trusty cable knit jumper and the well loved bobble hat and scarf combo.

falmer-bobble-jumper £25Falmer Bobble Jumper £25 Matalan

Pattern-knit jumper £19.99Pattern Knit Jumper £19.99 H&M

knitted beret £6.99 H&MKnitted Beret £6.99 H&M

knitted mittens £6.99 H&M

Knitted Mittens £6.99 H&M

Faux Fur

This year has given way to new trends such as dramatic furs. The idea of reworking classics such as the fur coat gives us, the shopaholics, reason to have fun with our style from a new and more creative perspective.


Long Sleeve Collarless Fur Coat £55.67 lightinthebox.com

This season has been a re-education in the way we view winter fashions as a whole, new textures and bright colours were introduced as this year’s must haves replacing the dark, dull and chunky fashions we are so used to seeing and wearing.

Accessorising your winter looks this season has never been so diverse either, there are tons of different styles to choose from to keep you looking chic all through these cold nights.

Faux fur has been a staple both on the runways and on the high street as it instantly injects a look of glamour and sophistication into your wardrobe. We have seen fur coats, fur collars and now we have fur hats.

This year’s hat of choice seems to be the Russian inspired Cossack available in surprising colours and shapes.

Traditional Fur CossackTraditional Fur Cossack Hat £22 Topshop

Traditional Fur Cossack £22 topshop

Traditional Fur Cossack Hat £22 Topshop

ASOS Faux Fur Ears Cossack Hat £15

Faux Fur Ears Cossack Hat £15 Asos

ASOS Faux Fur Monochrome Stripe Mittens With Leather Cuff £13.50

Faux Fur Monochrome Stripe Mittens with Leather Cuff £13.50 Asos

Scarves and Snoods

Last year we were introduced to the snood the marriage of the hood and scarf, but this winter brings brighter more daring options of the dual purpose warmer.

aztec print snood £5 new lookRed Aztec Print Snood £5 New Look

red chunky snood £15 next

Red Chunky Snood £15 Next

Scarves don’t always have to be big, chunky or for outdoor use they are also a great way to finish off an outfit. Freshen up an all black ensemble with a sleek but brightly coloured scarf to add a little fun and personality.

Globetrotter Tribal Print Scarf £7.99 forever 21

Globetrotter Tribal Print Scarf £7.99 Forever 21

check scarf £16 next

Check Scarf £16 Next

Boots and Wellies

For as long as I can remember I have always had a soft spot for Wellies. With their candy colours and busy patterns they were a ray of sunshine on a rainy day.

Now, all grown up I am happy to say the obsession still exists but now Wellies are widely available with a slight mature twist. This year has also seen trends such as the biker inspired ankle boot

Black Metal Plate Buckle Biker Boots £29.99Black Metal Plate Buckle Biker Boots £29.99 New Look

Womens Juju Jellies Chelsea Boots £25

Women’s Juju Jellies Chelsea Boots £25 Schuh

rainbow £35 funky-wellington-boots.co.uk

Rainbow £35 Funky Wellington Boots

ditsy dots £35 funky-wellington-boots.co.uk

Ditsy Dots £35 Funky Wellington Boots

Kidderminster Wedge Wellington Boots Ladies £15 sports direct

Kidderminster Wedge Wellington Boots £15 Sports Direct

Living in England means we should always be prepared for the rain. Alongside a good pair of water tight Wellies, a good umbrella is a must.

Long gone are the days where umbrellas were designed purely for functionality the umbrellas of now are for both keeping dry and making a fashion statement.


Ted Baker Malais oil painting floral parasol £29 house of fraser

Ted Baker Oil Painting Floral £29 House Of Fraser

This may be a splurge in terms of your average umbrella but this unique oriental inspired design will earn its worth in complements.

Image by Tit Bonac


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